I am really happy that the “conservatives” in Congress have FINALLY made a stand and refused to back down from their stand against Obamacare. They refuse to back down in spite of the hammering of the “mainstream” media and liberals in their own party.

Finally, we have a well defined group who are not willing to allow our form of government, our health care (which is the best in the world) and our economic system go down without a fight. Perhaps like myself and millions of other Americans, they feel they have an obligation to their God and our posterity to hold the line against socialism, corrupt political practices and “victim disarmament.” They are what the Republican and Democratic parties used to be – pro-American, pro-God and pro-individual rights, instead of the “If it feels good, do it,” “Gimme something for nothing” or “There ain’t no end to doin’ good when yer spendin’ somebody else’s money” philosophy that guides the two main political parties today.

They are the tea party, and God bless them.

Unfortunately, it may be too late for their message. Obama has gotten too many people hooked on food stamps, Obama phones and an entitlement mentality. Too many illegal aliens have been allowed to come in, have “anchor babies” and get benefits they could only dream of in their own country. Democrats would give entitlements to Satan if he would vote Democrat, and illegals do vote in our elections. There is just too much money at stake, and nobody checks.

At this point, the democratic process fails. It doesn’t really matter which political party “wins.” There is just too much voter fraud, too many people – rich and poor – on the dole, coupled with an entitlement mentality that will destroy this country.

We can only hope that by the tea party making a stand, the country will come to its senses and realize that there is no free lunch before the nation goes bankrupt. It may be too late already, but in God’s name, we have to keep trying.

Michael A. Pacer

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