Dear Mr. Farah,

I am so glad to see someone else with the same reaction I had when I read about this lady [“Will Holder pursue Capitol Hill cops?”]. I believe that Miriam Carey became very frightened when she saw someone with guns pointed at her after having an auto accident running into the barricade. I believe that she simply panicked and drove erratically, trying to get away from the guns. There was no reason to shoot her. Why did they not shoot at her tires and stop the car? She was not armed with a weapon. Who is going to care for her baby now? This whole episode is disgusting and unworthy of the quality of guards we should have at our Capitol and White House. Of course, with the illegal occupant we have living there now, I guess this is the best we can expect. So very sad.

Thanks for your continued courageous truthful reporting – you are very appreciated!

Shirley Jones

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