We are, my fellow, law-abiding Americans, in the midst of a gigantic, political “Three-card Monte.”

In case you hadn’t noticed, while most media are focusing on the shutdown of the government and the simultaneous war of words and threats about health care emanating from the power brokers in Oval Office and Congress, those same people are engaged in a behind-the-scenes scheme to literally pull the rug out from under the sanctity of this country and the value of citizenship.

“Three-card Monte” is a classic con game, a street hustle. We are the “marks” – i.e. victims – and the so-called leaders in each party are the “dealers” and the “shills.”

The dealers know what’s going on, and the shills pretend to be on our side.

They’re not. They’re crooks, too.

Oh these guys are clever – too clever by half, but anyone with a grain of sense can see what they’re doing.

Obama and the Democrats have, with the cooperation of the Supreme Court and the media, coerced the Republicans into a classic case of “who will blink first” while the American people are being twisted into a frenzy with the imposition of a constitutionally illegal scam to force people to spend their money on something they don’t want and don’t need.

There are deadlines to sign on to new health plans. People are getting letters from their employers telling that health insurance has been dropped while even those with their own private health insurance plans are being notified that their companies are dropping that coverage.

Businesses of all sizes are being hit with the demands of the new legislation forcing many to downsize their work force, to eliminate full time jobs and in some cases to close down their firms.

Meanwhile, the “dealers” in the Oval Office and Congress continue to spout sugar-coated jargon to make it all sound miraculous and the shills in the media and many in elected office continue the sweet talk to continue the con game against the marks – us – the victims of the scam.

After all, we’re the ones who will be burdened with these “new” plans, and we’ll find health care priced out of our reach.

And yes, we’ll face real “death panels” – i.e. some stranger making life and death health-care decisions for us based on cost/benefit ratios; in other words, how much will it cost the government and how much will the government save by not paying for treatments.

Wasn’t it HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius who decided the 10-year-old girl should not receive a life-saving lung transplant because it was a plan only for adults?

Wasn’t it Senate Majority leader Harry Reid who questioned why he should be concerned about saving one child’s life when he had a military base to deal with?

For them, it’s not about humanity; it’s about rules and money.

But this is just half the scam being played on Americans by their own government.

It’s a giant distraction while behind the scenes, those same politicians on both sides of the aisle are involved in a scheme to open American citizenship to anyone and everyone who has come into this country illegally.

It’s the “amnesty controversy” we’ve been led to believe is on the back burner and probably wouldn’t be addressed.

Don’t believe it. Both parties are working on details now.

Look at California.

Super lib Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown last Thursday signed AB-60 – which allows illegal aliens to get state driver’s licenses. It’s estimated 1.4 million will do just that!

The proposal bounced around the legislature for decades but now, with full Democrat control of the Senate and Assembly, it passed.

Supposedly, the license will have a notation on it so it cannot be used for federal identification.

Anyone want to lay odds as to how long that notation will last?

This is a state that restricts how law enforcement deals with federal immigration agents, allows illegals in-state tuition, allows driver’s licenses for illegals who have a federal work permit granted by the Obama administration and authorizes overtime pay for domestic workers.

Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Watsonville, the author of the newest bill, was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying this makes California the leader in “… integrating our immigrant families.”

Sorry, Luis.  They’re illegal alien families and don’t deserve ‘integration’ until they have legal status.

In Los Angeles, in his remarks about his signing the bill, Gov. Brown said, “No longer are undocumented people in the shadows. They are alive and well and respected in the state of California.”

Somehow he left out just why illegal aliens having driver’s licenses makes them “respected.”

They’re still lawbreakers and their status is still illegal.

A massive immigration rally is planned for Oct. 8 in Washington with civil disobedience part of the scheme.

Janet Napolitano, out as Homeland Security Secretary and now president of the University of California, is pressured by immigrant groups to lean on Gov. Brown to lessen the threat of deportation of illegals and to support making California a sanctuary state.

If you wonder what Brown might be thinking, note what he said speaking to a crowd in Fresno about the bill he’d just signed:

It’s not about driving a car – it’s about a path to citizenship through comprehensive immigration reform.”

That’s probably the most honest thing he’s ever said.

In other words, open the borders and come on in! We’ll give you whatever you want, and we’ll pay for it all!

And he wants the rest of the country to do the same!

Between him and Obama, we’re in a heap of trouble.

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