The British comedy, “Are You Being Served?” centered on an eccentric, bumbling staff in a department store. They were funny and, to some degree, iconic.

Equally iconic today – although few are really aware of it – is a group that could, for all practical purposes, star in their own show, “Are You Being Lied To?”

They are anything but funny, and Ion Mihai Pacepa wants you to know about them.

They are the disinformation experts.

And let me cut to the chase: the new book by Pacepa (and his co-author, Ronald Rychlak), “Disinformation,” is perhaps the best book you will read this year. It explains a great deal of what’s going on in our country right now. If you are puzzled and even disoriented about the rapid transformations taking place, do yourself a favor and get this book.

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Pacepa, the head of Romanian foreign intelligence during the Ceausescu Nightmare, defected decades ago.

He writes: “I did not have the privilege of being born in this unique land of freedom, but I grew up with the picture of the U.S. president hanging on the wall of our house in Bucharest.”

The author knows in tangible ways just how precious freedom is.

His insights into Soviet efforts to damage America from the inside out are remarkable.

Among the revelations:

  • Christianity and Judaism were marked for marginalization.
  • The Soviets placed 4,000 agents in the Islamic world, to foment hatred of the West.
  • Groups like the World Council of Churches have been controlled for years by Russian intelligence.
  • Disinformation tactics are being used in a big way in the age of Obama, to transform America.

Controlling the masses through media is a gargantuan enterprise, and the Soviets have been good at it for decades.

A fascinating element in “Disinformation” is how easily propaganda duped American religious figures. Pacepa pulls the veil back on the radicalism of what he terms the Soviet-controlled World Council of Churches.

In 1985, the WCC elected as its leader a Marxist, Emilio Castro. This change-agent began pushing “liberation theology” (in short, a view that appropriates biblical stories, transforming them into modern tales of revolution), and this explains in large part why platforms like the WCC, Sojourners –even evangelical sources – are emerging as pro-Palestinian, pro-dialogue with dictators, etc.

Remember, Pacepa was in on the ground floor of these kinds of efforts, and his recollections of secret meeting read like a spy novel.

He also corrects a mountain of faulty data, including who were heroes and who were villains.

Case in point is Nikita Khruschhev: “Today, people might remember Khruschhev as a down-to-earth peasant who corrected the evils of Stalin. That is the result of another successful disinformation campaign. The Khrushchev who was my supreme boss for nine years – during which time I was promoted up to the top of the Soviet bloc intelligence community – was brutal, brash and extroverted. He tended to destroy every project he got his hands on, and he ended up with an even more personal hatred for what he called the ‘Western bourgeoisie’ than Stalin had.”

So much for the glorification of this Soviet dictator, from too many circles within American influence.

Pacepa also shines a light on the double-cross mayhem inflicted by the Soviets.

Stalin was the master: “The following year, to maintain his position as boss over the new Communist Party stars beginning to shine in Eastern Europe, Stalin framed a few of them as tools of Zionist espionage services. In 1949, he framed the communist leaders of Hungary, Laszlo Rajk and Gyorgy Palfy, as Zionist spies and had them hanged.”

Would that the myriad dupes used by this lethal entity had understood (or would understand today) that evil will eventually come for those who serve the regime.

The Soviets also found the Arab countries useful for destabilization and for the rapid acceleration of terrorism as a weapon. Pacepa claims that two decades of fomenting hatred in the Islamic world (including distribution of thousands of copies of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”) resulted in a wide-range of attacks, including the 1983 bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut, to 9/11.

Most people simply do not understand the source of such terror, but Pacepa does and thanks to his efforts, so can you.

Get the “Disinformation” DVD bundled with the book, together at one low price!

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