It’s time for Republicans to “up the ante” on Obama and Reid by demanding a balanced budget for 2014. With a balanced budget agenda, I doubt that any Democrat can honestly say that Obamacare would make the cut. It’s time for House Republicans to demand a balanced budget right now, and then just kick back and let the government shut down.

Everyone knows Ted Cruz is right now, and it’s clear to me that he is extremely popular in the alternative media domain. His standing in the MSM is irrelevant since anyone with sense knows it’s full of propaganda. Now that Ted Cruz has the spotlight (even with the MSM), it would be nice for him to declare himself not to be a natural born citizen and, therefore, not eligible to be president – just like Obama. Ted Cruz himself has to be the one to say it, and he needs to publicly declare that Obama is not eligible.

Shut down the government. Demand a balanced budget with no deficit spending. Begin to draft articles of impeachment against everyone who has covered up the Obama ineligibility. This is not a political fight; this is a constitutional crisis that has led to a socialist (perhaps communist) takeover of America, and only a FIGHT will bring about corrective action.

Ray Makuch

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