By Karen Testerman

On June 25, Obama proposed a new Climate Action Plan to further the extremist war on coal. Nationwide, Obama’s EPA regulations are contributing to the loss of an estimated 13,000 – 17,000 jobs from the closures announced of 205 coal plants. Because of Obama’s plan, the nation will be losing more than 31,000 megawatts of electrical generating capacity.

Here in New Hampshire, our electricity supply and jobs are under attack, as they are nationwide, by Obama’s “yes women” in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House.  Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has proven herself a reliable “me too” vote for Obama, as evidenced by her recent stance on Obama’s plans to bomb Syria. New Hampshire’s Shaheen mimes whichever nonsensical agenda position Obama is pushing at the moment.

So hundreds of jobs are now at risk at New Hampshire’s 440-megawatt coal-powered Merrimack Station electricity generator in Bow, as well as Schiller Station’s two 50-megawatt coal-fired generating plants in Portsmouth. America needs to elect representatives in Congress in 2014 with the courage to stop the liberal war on coal.

New Hampshire recently spent $450 million on scrubbers that make burning coal much cleaner at Merrimack Station. Yet unless we send common-sense congressmen and senators to Washington, those good jobs and our household utility bills are still at risk.

Obama and his congressional foot soldiers want to reduce carbon dioxide – the gas that plants need to grow and thrive. They are acting on the hypothesis that human activities are the cause of Earth’s rising climate temperatures. That hypothesis, however, has all but been debunked, with the report that ice in the Arctic region actually grew from 2012 to 2013 by an additional one million square miles.

Obama and the “climate-change” imaginers rely solely on predictive computer models as their only basis for blaming humans for global warming. Yet those computer models fail to predict temperatures in the real world. The models don’t work. However, the computers models are the only reason to believe that human activities affect climate. We know the models are defective, but there is nothing else.

Furthermore, the temperature readings are faulty. Alarmists are feeding inaccurate data into their computers, as revealed by Meteorologist Anthony Watts. Watts’ team visually inspected most weather monitoring stations. Watts found that  89 percent of the stations – nearly nine of every 10 – fail to meet the National Weather Service’s own siting requirements that stations must be 30 meters (about 100 feet) or more away from an artificial heating or radiating/ reflecting heat source.”

Quite simply, nine of every 10 stations are reporting higher or rising temperatures because they are badly sited in places such as: atop blistering-hot roofs, in the path of jet airplane exhaust, next to industrial sized air-conditioning heat exchangers or near heat-absorbent asphalt parking lots. Most temperature measurements are at airports, originally built out in the countryside, that now are surrounded by the “heat island” effect of expanding cities. Over decades, we have measured the urbanization spreading around airports, not changes in the planet.

Watts’ conclusion: “The U.S. temperature record is unreliable,” and it “should not be cited as evidence of any trend in temperature that may have occurred across the U.S. during the past century.”

Remember also that in 1996, Bill Clinton removed the largest deposit of the cleanest burning coal from the world’s market by declaring the Grand Staircase-Escalante a national monument in Utah. This declaration included the coal-rich Kaiporowitz Plateau, which holds 62 billion tons of environmentally safe, low-sulfur coal. The area was dubbed the “Saudi Arabia of coal” by Sen. Orin Hatch, R-Utah.

However, there was one winner: Democratic donor James Riady. Indonesian billionaire James Riady owns the second-largest deposit of similar clean coal. The same James Riady pled guilty to a felony charge and paid $8.6 million in criminal fines for making millions of dollars of illegal campaign donations to the Clinton-Gore ticket. But Clinton-Gore had the money to spend when it counted.

The contradictory nature of this administration is nothing short of mind boggling. Its push for restrictive legislation on electricity-producing coal is paired with government incentives to create its dream of an electric-car utopia. Obama seems to think that the electricity for those cars magically comes from the wall socket instead of from the nearest coal-powered generating plant.

If I were the U.S. senator from New Hampshire, I would vote to repeal Clinton’s abuse of the 1906 Antiquities Act. I would cheer free Americans making voluntary choices about extensive use of solar, wind, biodiesel and energy-saving improvements, but I would fight against corrupt bureaucrats and politicians trying to force their personal preferences upon us.

Karen Testerman is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire running against the Democrat incumbent in 2014. She ran for governor of New Hampshire in 2010 and was a leading supporter and spokesman for Rick Santorum’s campaign for president in 2012, playing a key role in New Hampshire. She is the host of “We Hold These Truths Radio” and the founder and former executive director of Cornerstone Policy Research.

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