TEL AVIV – President Barack Obama’s phone call and diplomatic outreach to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is playing into Tehran’s “fraudulent” charm offensive and represents a victory for Iran’s drive to obtain nuclear weapons, former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton warned in a radio interview today.

“I think for those who are opposed to Iran getting nuclear weapons, the best we can hope for is that no deal is reached; that the fraudulent nature of this diplomatic charm offensive will be revealed,” Bolton told Aaron Klein on his WABC Radio show.

The former diplomat warned, “Iran is not prepared to make any real concession on its program.”

He continued: “People will see that Iran is determined to keep the capability to build a nuclear weapon. I am afraid, however, that both the United States under the Obama administration and Europe have been all too ready for some period of time to legitimize the Iranian nuclear weapons program.”

Bolton criticized a statement Obama made Friday that Iran should be allowed to retain the right to a “peaceful” civilian nuclear energy program once the Iranian regime signs a rigid inspection agreement.

“That is wrong,” Bolton retorted. “Iran has been violating the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. They are not to be trusted with that kind of nuclear technology. I don’t think they are entitled to a uranium enrichment capability. To allow that to happen would be to go back 10 years.”

Bolton warned that if Iran retains the capability to enrich uranium to reactor grade levels, “it retains the critical capability to enrich to weapons-grade levels.”

“I am very worried about the course we’ve set out on,” he added. “I think this is exactly congruent with Iran’s strategy. It represents a victory for the diplomatic charm offensive and a real setback to nuclear proliferation efforts worldwide.”

Listen to the interview below:

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