(MSNBC) Congress has suffered fromincreasingly lower approval ratings during the now eight-day long government shutdown, and on Tuesday we got some new comparisons to help put that into perspective. As new  poll finds that Congress is less popular than hemorrhoids, potholes, and even dog poop.

Those are the findings of the latest survey from Public Policy Polling, which also found that Congress’s approval rating is a dismal 8%, with a whopping 86% of Americans disapproving of their work.

When asked which they had a higher opinion of, Americans picked all sorts of typically unappealing over those lawmakers working in Washington, including Wall Street, witches, zombies, jury duty, hipsters, the DMV, and the IRS. Cockroaches and toenail fungus also eked out a lead over the denizens of D.C., but not beyond the 4.4 point margin of error, so it’s safe to call those a tie.

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