“Christian airman punished by lesbian commander faces possible court-martial”

Under that headline on Sept. 23, Breitbart reported:

“Earlier this year, the Obama-Hagel Pentagon said they would never court-martial a service member for their Christian faith.”

That was a commendable promise to support the First Amendment.

But Breitbart also reported:

“Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk is a Christian serving in the Air Force – whose unit is now commanded by a lesbian.

“According to Monk’s complaint filed with his superiors, he was relieved of duty for refusing his commander’s order to say he supports gay marriage.

“Now, the Air Force has taken the first steps to criminally investigate Monk for talking to the media about his situation. …

“Monk is being investigated and might be formally charged for violating Article 107 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which makes it a crime to make a false official statement. But Monk’s explaining his situation to the media is not an official statement. … All Monk is saying is that he believes he is being punished because of his traditional Christian beliefs.”

Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin at the Family Research Center, in a report on how troops’ religious liberty is being infringed upon under the Obama administration, had the following statement of serious concern:

“We now see what is happening to Christians under President Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. This appears to be an intimidation tactic to send a message to other Christians in the military that you’d better not speak up when we violate your religious liberty. … The Obama-Hagel military leadership is not officially court-martialing Christians for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, but you will be punished and might even face a court-martial if you stand by the principles of your Christian faith when you’re serving in uniform.”

What is the name and rank of Master Sgt. Monk’s company commander, who Breitbart identified only as “a lesbian” who issued the “order to say he supports gay marriage”?

Most unfortunately, this incredible and commissioned alternatively sexually oriented female is unidentified in this news story.

She, in my opinion, ought not only be identified, but court-martialed for assaulting a noncommissioned officer’s First Amendment rights.

Breitbart also reported that signatures are being collected on a petition to the secretary of the Air Force calling upon him not to punish Master Sgt. Monk for refusing to compromise his Christian beliefs.

And if there is any delay or hesitancy in this respect – as well as in the rights of so many thousands of devout Christians in the U.S. Air Force – there remains the Obama-Hagel Pentagon statement that they “would never court-martial a service member for their Christian faith.”

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