(Los Angeles Times) I hadn’t been standing in Dealey Plaza more than five minutes when I watched a man dash out into the street to pose for a picture. He was heading straight for a white X in the pavement that marks the location of John F. Kennedy’s limousine when the 35th president was fatally shot on the afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963.

The man stopped on the X, adjusted his feet and smiled. Then he looked nervously in the direction of oncoming traffic before running back to the safety of the sidewalk.

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Apparently, this happens all the time. The late Dallas architecture critic David Dillon was right to describe Dealey Plaza as “one of the most photographed and scrutinized public spaces in America.” But the site of the assassination is not, as you might imagine if you’ve never been to Dallas, an open square where conspiracy theorists and Warren Commission devotees can stroll together in animated argument.

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