Former Vice President Dick Cheney

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Former Vice President Dick Cheney says President Obama’s administration is “without a clue” when it comes to its attempt to implement health-care reform in the country.

Appearing on Rush Limbaugh’s national radio broadcast Wednesday, Cheney, who served as VP under George W. Bush, thoroughly flayed Obamacare.

“It’s devastating,” Cheney said. “It’s having a devastating impact.”

“I think it’s a travesty,” he continued. “I think it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in the domestic policy arena and I hope we get it shut down before we’re unable to correct it.”

Cheney, who himself is the recipient of numerous heart transplants and is promoting his new book, “Heart: An American Medical Odyssey,” said he fully expects health facilities across the nation to be laying off doctors and nurses as a direct result of the Affordable Health Care Act.

“When you put that much strain on the system as they’re doing, and, as you say, by people that don’t appear to be able to find their fanny with both hands, they don’t know anything about the health-care industry, and he basically is trying to take over 16, 17 percent of our economy, which is what the health-care system in this country constitutes. And they appear to be without a clue in terms of what they’re doing, the damage they’re inflicting. They can’t even set up a computer system so you can get on to the so-called heath-care system.”

Cheney also spent time urging Republicans to stop waging war against each other.

“Barack Obama, is, in fact, the adversary,” said Cheney. “One of the things we’ve got to be able to do is to build bridges between and establish working relationships I think with all factions of the party. There’s a tendency right now for people to want to condemn the establishment or condemn the tea party.”

He continued: “There are people in what I would call the establishment that are comfortable with the status quo. What the tea party represents, at least in our state [of Wyoming] … are people who frankly have just gotten totally fed up with the existing operations in Washington. They feel the Constitution is threatened. They feel that their individual liberties are under threat and Barack Obama is at the base of all those concerned.

“But they’re also looking for politicians that will stand up and fight for what they believe in. I’ve got a lot of friends in the tea-party movement. I don’t think it’s a divisive force. In my book, I’d much rather see them inside the party than outside the party.”

Limbaugh lamented the lack of desire by many Republicans officeholders to come out swinging against Obama’s agenda.

“There’s just sadly little pushback,” Limbaugh said. “The Republican Party is seen as timid in pushing back against Obama.”

“I think that’s correct. They, in fact, are in many respects,” Cheney responded.

“It is very important to push back. I think the future of the party at this stage and the conservative cause is that we need a new generation involved. Part of it is to re-energize the party and the organization and find new candidates and take on those aspects of the establishment, if you will, certainly the Obama operation if we’re gonna win this fight. And we’ve got to do it soon. If we sit around for another three and a half years, we’re gonna be in a very, very deep hole in this country because of the policies of the Obama administration. Obamacare is one of those problems.”

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