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Dog doo tracked via DNA

(Realty Times) How to handle poop – particularly pet poop – is becoming a growing problem for community associations.

Owners are always required to pick up after their dog, and many associations actually provide free “poop bags” to assist in this clean up. But not everyone complies with the rules. There are reports of owners who pretend to use the waste bags, especially when others are watching. I know of one Maryland association where an owner slipped on the waste and broke his leg.

A New Jersey association has adopted a novel approach: As of Nov. 1, all dog owners in the Grande at Riverdale condominium must have their pet’s DNA registered, or face a $100 fine. The dog’s mouth will be swabbed for DNA, and waste located on common grounds will be tested to determine the owner. Fines for not picking up the waste will be $250 for the first offense and can go as high as $1,000 for subsequent violations.