By Scott Greer

PJ Media has launched a new, free online forum that is dedicated to spreading the principles of freedom and liberty to America’s future generations.

The Freedom Academy offers Americans a chance to explore the great classics of Western civilization and share their thoughts, recommendations and ideas with like-minded individuals through the site’s features.

The academy is directed by world-renowned scholar and Hoover Institution fellow Victor Davis Hanson, who has written extensively on the traditions and cultural heritage that have guided Western civilization through the centuries and aims to bring his well-respected insight and knowledge to this new project.

Hanson believes that this endeavor is necessary to ensure Americans can rediscover the cherished principles of our civilization that have led to its immense prosperity and success.

“In the present age, we need a meeting place where people can rediscover what freedom entails and appreciate the origins and role of liberty,” Hanson told WND. “The majority of Americans yearns for a rebirth of these values that have sustained Western civilization, and birthed the American experiment. Such reverence for our heritage and origins is why we at PJ Media will offer a variety of ways to understand our present dilemmas through an appreciation of past ideas and events.”

He continued, “We cannot fully understand and appreciate the magnitude of our current challenges if we do not study the world around us through learning from past events and the contributions of earlier minds – both the ordeals and triumphs of people of action, and the thoughts and ideas of others who tried to make sense of such events through literature and philosophy.”

The famed classical historian believes the Freedom Academy will be an important resource for those who would like to learn more about the heritage and ideas that underlie America’s founding principles.

To fill that need, the academy is the online home for the intellectually curious, who may draw on a book club that encourages reading and discussion of the principles of freedom and liberty, e-books, discussion guides and a video lecture series that bring to life the ideas, people and states that shaped Western civilization.

“Anyone can read, listen or watch the current news,” Hanson said. “Yet if you want to place the present noise in a larger context of understanding modern civilization, then the Freedom Academy lecture series and its book club can aid your odyssey of intellectual and political discovery.”

Hanson insists that the forum’s content will be accessible and engaging to people to all age groups, as the project wants to offer the opportunity to learn liberty and freedom to anyone who might take an interest in these fundamental values of American society.

“While we have created the content of the academy especially for those who love freedom and liberty – and are worried over the present endangerment of both – we were also mindful to make our offerings appealing to all generations through videos, written texts and web formats,” Hanson said.

In addition to Hanson’s work with the forum, the Freedom Academy Book Club will offer insights and recommendations from the literary panel, which includes Freedom Academy Director Hanson, PJ Media Co-founder Roger L. Simon, National Review Online Editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg, Editor-at-large Ben Shapiro and Encounter Books publisher Roger Kimball, among others.

The academy will also offer an online lecture series that will allow those who sign up for the premium membership to learn even more about America’s values and traditions. Interested individuals may learn more about the project and sign up at


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