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Harry Belafonte's feud with MLK's children

If only the late-Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had not been martyred in Tennessee, it would be fascinating to consider how he would have reacted to his friend, Harry Belafonte, suing his children, Dexter, Bernice and Martin Luther King III.

The New York Times, in an extensive report, noted the following:

That begs the question: Can Dr. King be realistically imagined as a supporter of such an advocate of pro-Marxist violence as Venezuela’s late dictator?

The Times also reported:

That, I can surely agree with.

Harry Belafonte was the person who tried to sell Dr. King documents to Sotheby’s to benefit a charity for street gangs.

That is one reason I would support the King children against Belafonte.

Another reason is because I cannot imagine Dr. King, behind whom I marched into Montgomery, Ala., on the final day of the Selma March, justifying, as an advocate of nonviolence, the career of Venezuela’s Chavez.