This week, the president compared the roll out of the health-care marketplace to glitches experienced by Apple. In his analogy, Obama asked if consumers would call for Apple to be shut down if they found problems with the launch of Apple’s iOS 7 in their iPad.

As a consumer of health insurance, my current health plan will no longer be available, and I will be forced into the exchange. If I experienced problems with my iPad similar to my experience on the exchange, I would take that piece of crap back and demand my money back. Consumers would not need to call for Apple to be shut down; Apple would go out of business if they rolled out a product as inferior as the health-care exchange.

This should be a total embarrassment to HHS, and some heads need to roll as a result. Based on my first impression, I am really concerned that I may not have health insurance on Jan. 1. At this point, I would feel more comfortable filling out a paper application. The problem is that I wasn’t even able to compare premium rates.

Eric Grey

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