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Israel will stand alone no more

“Focus on Israel,” a new television program available through WND-TV, is blazing a trail where the mainstream networks fear to tread by presenting a Christian voice for Israel in the media.

“During the Holocaust, many Christians turned a blind eye to the Nazi death camps. Many felt justified because they believed the Jews were the Christ killers,” Jewish-Christian advocate Laurie Cardoza-Moore told her viewing audience. “For this reason we must learn and spread the truth at this critical time in history. We must turn our focus on Israel.”

Making its debut on WND-TV, the new “Focus on Israel” series is designed to educate and motivate its audience to stand with Israel and the Jewish people.

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Hosted by the eloquent and engaging Laurie Cardoza-Moore, “Focus on Israel” covers a multitude of subjects related to God’s land and His people.

Cardoza-Moore presently serves in the United Nations as a special envoy to Middle Eastern affairs representing the World Council of Independent Christian Churches. She is also the founder and president of the pro-Israel ministry, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.

“After studying the Scriptures, I realized that God had not forsaken His covenant with His people and His Land, so I founded PJTN as the Christian voice for Israel in the media,” Cardoza-Moore states. “The mission of PJTN and this series is to educate and share the message of Christian responsibility to stand with the people and land of Israel against the rise of a new anti-Semitism. We’ll present information you’ll not see in the mainstream media.”

Each weekly program will feature interviews with numerous experts in various fields such as terrorism, history, politics and religion. Interviews include James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, Walid Shoebat, former Palestinian terrorist, Caroline Glick, Israeli journalist, Danny Ayalon, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, as well as rabbis and pastors from Israel and America.

Each show covers a vital and important topic such as Christian anti-Semitism, archaeological evidence for Israel, the Genesis blessing, nuclear Iran, the Jewish church, the Sabbath and the Jewish-Christian alliance.

The debut program includes an informational film to introduce viewers to the passion and mission of PJTN. The program also includes a fast paced overview of the new “Focus on Israel” series.

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