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John Roberts' treachery

The email to the editor “Take America Back” is right on the money. Chief Justice John Roberts, who mysteriously changed his deciding vote in the Obamacare case, betrayed the people of the United States and takes the prize, second only to conman Obama, for backstabbing treachery.

It’s not an unreasonable supposition, based on public information, that Roberts was blackmailed into ruling for the Obamacare mandate and sold out his country. After all, Roberts’ incredulous argument, a torture of law and logic, that the Obamacare penalty is a tax was the jurisprudential equivalent of squaring the circle (a mathematical impossibility) and lowered the bar to ground level for future Supreme Court chief justices.

In 1857, Chief Justice Roger Taney’s majority decision in the Dred Scott case ruled that black slaves were private property. In 1861, civil war erupted. Writing for a slim court majority (5-4) in June 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts, in his Obamacare ruling, went even further. He decided, in effect, that all Americans are property of the federal government. For this act of treachery along with possible malfeasance in the Obamacare travesty, John Roberts at least deserves the tag of “Obamacare pusher” and “architect of the Roberts-Obama tax” – not to forget a plaque for Roberts in the U.S. Hall of Shame.

Jamie Webster