Hi, Joseph. Regarding your column “Have defenders of liberty given up?” – I urge you to continue exhorting responsible citizens to break out of their shells of withdrawal! I too am angry.

Millions of concerned Americans have written, blogged, discussed the issues. You stand above all the rest in commitment and zeal by reporting the truth and exposing lies and conspiracies. Your continued reporting expertise and commitment is needed.

Yet, there is a flaw in your recent writing: “I’m ready to storm the barricades with you. But I’m not a political activist. I’m just a writer and businessman.” The objective of all activism is to participate in the fight against evil. The founders of our Constitution committed to their fight against all odds. They put it all on the line – fortune, families, future, etc. Now is our time to do the same. Words have revealed the truth – now it is time to commit with other responsible citizens to join in the actual fight. This is the test for our generation. The only way to overcome the evil is to join in the fight!

Your words: “It’s time for Americans (including you and me) to stand up fearlessly and boldly to save this country from going down the tubes. The hour is late. Every day we accept the inevitability of Obamacare – and all that comes with it from the anti-American, counterrevolutionary left that is directing this nation’s path – is a day closer to the end of the American Dream.” Yet this is only one of many reasons to impeach Obama and other corrupt politicians from office. They constitute a stronghold of evil that must be broken. They are destroying our freedoms, our Constitution and God’s principles in society.

I have committed to do whatever I can to remove this evil with God’s Supernatural Power. Let us not be timid nor minimalistic in our commitment. We are soldiers in God’s Army who can overcome the most powerful evils when we invoke God’s Power with our covenant commitment. Let’s give God a chance to reveal his power with his wisdom and support. Let us repent, pray and commit to restoring our country to One Nation Under God!

My prayers continue for you and other leaders who can lead by example.

Curt Shuler

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