Regarding your story “Democrats ‘wholly own’ Obamacare catastrophe”: Let’s say those who built the dysfunctional Obamacare website were each paid a princely wage of $150 per hour for the job. At this wage and a reported cost of $634,000,000 for the Obamacare website, taxpayers paid for 4,226,666 man-hours, or 528,333 work-days (eight-hour days), or 2,113 work-years (at 250 work days per year) toward the building of a website that doesn’t work.

Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius have lot of explaining to do. Where did all the money go? They both should be lawyering up, but quick.

How foolish it is for anyone to expect this federal government to be anything but the perpetrator of fraud, failure, tyranny and waste.

Hank Schultz

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