Re: “Meet Copper mom”

Mr. Farah, I loved your story about Cooper! I am a dog lover, too.

When my husband and I got our first home, we went looking right away for a dog, an outside dog, and we decided on a beautiful boxer my husband named Dagmar. Dagmar was a great watchdog and learned to jump her fence when the kids in the Catholic school across the street had recess. I would hear this noise of children just outside my house and, sure enough, Dag had escaped her confines and stolen the ball from the kids and was having a grand old time!

My intention is not to bore you with a volume of dog stories, which I could do; believe me, our entire married life of 59 years was never without a dog. You may have just inspired me. Since I love to write, I just might do a piece for my children and grandchildren on our many dogs and how they affected our family. Dogs are simply wonderful companions!

Thanks again for this great piece!


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