Re: “Meet Copper mom”

I get a sense of feeling ridiculous when I respond to so many articles from WND, but I can’t constrain myself from doing it. The commentary is just too good, and then there are simple stories like this one that are just about the good things in life.

The insanity that is going on around us is wearing me down, but the remainder of this day will be filled with thoughts of the German Shepard (a black and white) that I had while growing up.

Princess loved playing catch, but not with a ball or Frisbee. She loved catching rocks. My father had a hard time breaking me of the fun habit of throwing rocks at Princess, which is what she lived for.

He said, “You have got to stop throwing rocks at Princess. She doesn’t have many teeth left.” This left an empty void in Princess’ life that she just had to fill. She began collecting rocks. I remember seeing her submerge her head completely under water in our ditch, and coming up with the largest rocks that could possibly fit in her mouth. There were neat piles of rocks everywhere.

Ray Makuch

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