(WARNING: Graphic content. This article contains mature content and a video that may be offensive to some readers.)

Image: NBC News

Miley Cyrus performed a raunchy parody of her “We Can’t Stop” single last night on “Saturday Night Live” — turning it into a sexual mockery of the Republican Party called “We Did Stop the Government.”

The song was part of a skit portraying a sexualized John Boehner and Michele Bachmann celebrating their success at shutting down the government with a house party.

“It’s our House, we can do what we want to,”she sang. “It’s our party we can stop what we want, defund what we want, shut down what we want.”

”If you’re not ready for health care, can I get a hell no,!” Cyrus’ hit-song’s lyrics were changed to say.

The sketch begins with a shot of “John Boehner” clad in underwear, snapping a gold grill onto his teeth and ends with an image of a sexualized Bachmann groping the speaker over his mesh bra top.

“Cause we came to shut it all down now, no government around now, if you’re not ready for health care, can I get a ‘hell no,'” Cyrus sang while dressed as Bachmann.

“Bachmann” goes on to lick “John Boehner,” spank Uncle Sam and lick and hold an Abraham Lincoln doll.

“Government workers on a furlough, even though you’re already paid low … everyone in line for early child care, anyone who planned to see a grizzly bear, we are so shut down yeah.”

The skit portrays Boehner and Bachmann in overly sexualized situations, grinding on a bed, touching themselves and more. At points the Boehner impersonator, also in his underwear, danced suggestively and came on to another man.

Particularly offensive were images of Cyrus suggestively groping herself while portraying Bachmann.

There’s also a gratuitous “Boehner” butt shot.

Image: NBC

Ronald Reagan also made an appearance in the skit, which included an elephant bleeding Pepto Bismol and smoke pouring from Uncle Sam’s crotch.

A voyeuristic Barack Obama is seen briefly peeking through the curtains.

Cyrus also impersonated  a “hot” Hillary Clinton in another skit — and ripped off her blazer to reveal a bra that had “2016″ printed on it.


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