It is time once again for the elite in Washington, D.C., to begin their perennial power grab by convincing the public that their contenders, especially for the office of president, fill the requirements of the candidates they would like to force on us. They will campaign for a so-called “moderate” who will lose. Again.

I have written on this topic in my column, “Elite vs. We the People: Our miracle moment,” but I don’t think we will have ever seen the showdown of the message war that we will see in anticipation of the 2016 presidential election. Arrayed on the battlefield is the vast majority, people who crave a true leader, facing the establishment (in both parties) that is vested in the status quo.

So, let the games begin.

Patriots watched in shock and disbelief as the establishment GOP, in coordination with Karl Rove, dismantled our best hopes for president in 2012, one by one. There were Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, among others. This time we have Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, maybe Rick Santorum, and there is time for a new star to rise up – but not for long.

Of course, Marco Rubio led that list barely a year ago, but the GOP brass has already helped Marco Rubio self-destruct over amnesty. They work daily to make Ted Cruz unelectable, but he is still standing thus far. That leaves Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as top GOP hopefuls for conservatives in a list that includes a handful of governors who lack the same broad conservative appeal. In their arrogance, the D.C. elite in the GOP believe they will have no problem with only two in their crosshairs.

They will start the messaging for the “moderate” candidate.

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We need to reach out to Hispanics (translation: pass amnesty).

We need to focus on someone who is seasoned and presidential. (This means that they must wear a tailored suit and give allegiance to the elitist consultants and GOP leadership in D.C.)

We need to focus on fiscal issues (translation: raise the debt ceiling again).

We need to avoid the social issues (translation: avoid basic constitutional issues like Second Amendment rights, rights to life, rights to free speech and taxpayer funding for abortion and contraceptives, etc.).

We need to reject the radical fringe (translation: make pariahs of the tea party and any other patriot groups who hold extreme positions in support of balancing our budgets and not laying more debt on our children).

The only problem is, they are wrong on every count, and they know it. This messaging has nothing to do with electability and everything to do with preservation of their own wealth and power. This is their pattern for inserting the candidate they can control, one who will defend the status quo.

They are lying about amnesty being the only way to Hispanics’ hearts. Hispanics are largely conservative religiously and with regard to the right to life and oppose social welfare for illegal immigrants. But the elite want to “avoid these issues” and allow the other side to totally define and own the issues.

They tell us we need someone “seasoned and presidential,” but this is the line they used to reject Reagan in favor of Gerald Ford and George Bush 41. The elite in the GOP choose the candidate every presidential election cycle only to produce candidates like McCain, Dole and Romney, who consistently lose by failing to appeal to the base. It is time that those who will work to elect the next president get to choose a candidate that motivates them.

The United States is a center-right country, but even evangelicals only vote at rates less than 50 percent, because they are not inspired or motivated by lackluster, business-as-usual candidates like Dole, McCain and Romney. The whole election would be turned if evangelicals and Catholics (Hispanics and otherwise) were motivated to get out and vote, as many were when Reagan was the candidate.

So explain to me again why we should listen to the “mod squad” and are better to avoid faith and life issues.

When the establishment says we need to focus on fiscal issues, Americans know that has come to mean payoffs to friends on Wall Street, viewing balanced budgets as an old-fashioned notion and increasing the debt ceiling every time you feel inclined. That is not fiscally responsible, and the American public knows it. We need a true reformer, willing to make hard cuts, eliminate entire bureaucracies and to punish agencies that abuse their power. Those three items in a campaign would get a candidate elected. We need real fiscal reform, and no one is buying that the elite in Washington, D.C., actually cares to deliver a candidate who will do that.

Many are watching as the theology of political correctness creeps deeper into our culture, supplanting our precious traditions of free-speech rights, and they are rebelling. Young people, in particular, are conscious of a diminishing right to free speech and will be watching for a candidate who will fight for that constitutional right.

Also, on the so-called “dangerous” social issues list is the issue of Second Amendment rights. Quietly, even the administration has realized that gun-rights advocates were right when they said gun-free zones are the most dangerous places in the country, and Obama is putting armed guards in schools. The public is taking note, and the qualified, winnable candidate will simply state that narrative to a public that is catching on.

They are lying about the importance of avoiding the message of “radical fringe groups” (aka, those who believe in the U.S. Constitution). Sadly, while they say the tea-party label scares people,  it is the Republican label that scares people to death. It scares the left, right and middle. No one identifies with the flakiness of the moderate Republican establishment (the mod squad itself) except the powers that be in Washington, D.C. The mod squad should be bothered by this, because it has lost and will lose again for these reasons. Instead, it appears utterly without shame as its only focus is preservation of its own wealth and power.

Then there is the whole issue of general backbone. The public sees the GOP platform, contrasted by the way the moderate so-called leadership in the GOP consistently caves and ignores the platform of its own party. The average Joe doesn’t think he can trust Republicans to stand in fidelity with their own platform, let alone the U.S. Constitution. Why would he?

Finally, who better for the public to trust than the only candidates who have stood up to the establishment moderates on behalf of the people, thus far? There is a short list, but a potent one.

If conservatives can stand their ground and defend those candidates, as well as others who rise to the call of We the People vs. They the Elite (the moderates), this country could turn around.

It’s time for testing the backbone of We the People.



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