(DAILY MAIL) — A Muslim man who had a sudden brain aneurysm that left him in a coma has converted to Christianity following a near-miraculous recovery.

Karim Shamsi-Basha was in a coma for a month in 1992 but when he woke up, he began a 20-year journey that lead to him becoming a Christian.

His neurosurgeon told him he had seen very few people in his condition go on to make a full recovery and suggested that Mr Shamsi-Basha find out why he survived.

Syrian-born Shamsi-Basha wrote a book about his journey, called PAUL AND ME, which includes chapters about Paul – one of the Bible’s best known figures – whose conversion to Christianity took place in the city of Damascus.

The author and photojournalist grew up in a closely-knit Muslim family in Syria who were tolerant of all faiths, with a best friend who was a Christian, but he did not seriously consider changing religion before his illness.

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