I remember seeing an old cartoon of a mechanic arguing with a customer near a car in the garage. The caption read:

“Never argue with an idiot. People may not be able to tell the difference.”

Sadly, this pretty well describes where we are in political and media discourse today in this country. Although an alternative media have sprung up in response to major media propaganda organs, these new media now find themselves arguing with idiots over “news” no one else cares about. This is not the prescription for a happy, healthy America, folks.

If you think that America will escape its slide from the current Black Camelot dictatorship, down through despotism and into totalitarianism without a free and vigilant press on at least one side of the political aisle, you are fatally mistaken. You and your entire NSA buddy list are headed for the same accommodation the Soviet KGB provided those they marked as enemies of the state: Prison, torture, confession and death. Evil destroys. That is what it does.

Conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists and all those who believe in Lex Rex over kissing the emperor’s behind every press conference have allowed idiots to monopolize the news agenda. Think about it: This means that not only do the presstitutes who are providing services for the corrupt, crony-capitalist Republicans (you know, the “moderates”) and the communist-controlled Democrats (“progressive” sounds so much nicer) dictate what THEY report; by our response we allow them to dictate what WE report as well.

Here are a few examples:

  • Finding someone who has signed up for Obamacare via healthcare.gov. Who cares? The real bodies are buried here: Where did the money “we the people” paid to develop this incompetent website actually end up? Who had their hand out and who gets the payola next election cycle, so they stay in office?

  • Any “positions” actually taken by celebrities. What is their job in life? They pretend to be something they are not, in order to entertain you for a few hours. That is why they are called “entertainers.” Do you really want them to do your important thinking for you?
  • Anything to do with Hillary Clinton. We both know that Bill just wants another two terms in the Oval Office with Monica under the desk, and Hillary wants to get back into the White House bedroom where she still has the rest of those FBI files on the opposition stashed. The Benghazi Zombi has already demonstrated her loyalty to America.

Anyone with even a shred of common sense has written off Washington, D.C., and the government residing there as meaningless to daily life in America.

  • Folks know the nation is going to go bankrupt, and leave the rest of the world holding the bond bag, right along with American retirees.

  • They know the Fed’s QE programs (fake bond purchases) will result in rampant inflation and ever-higher prices, if there ever is an economic recovery.
  • They know that the federal government exists to insure that Wall Street makes its targeted billions of dollars every quarter, because that is where campaign contributions and media advertising revenues come from.
  • They know that gerrymandering, incumbent payola via lobbyists and campaign committees, and favors returned in legislation mean the only “people” being represented by government today are corporations large enough to buy their representation.
  • They know that a flood of legalized, low-skilled illegals is not going to help the current job and welfare situation one little bit.

Unfortunately, while Govzilla is meaningless when it comes to improving daily life in America, it has made great progress in destroying people, places, freedom and opportunity everywhere outside of D.C. To allow media psychopaths to navigate the national conversation through the cesspool of their own idiocy is … idiotic.

So stop arguing with them! When you engage these idiots in battle over the straw men they set up, you become as irrelevant as they are to our survival as a nation. In fact, you just help drag America further down into the totalitarian basement, where they can rape and bludgeon her even better!

Knock it off! Think for yourself. Most of your Facebook “likes” are probably NSA personas, anyway. Decide what actually matters. Pursue that. Then report the truth you find. It still matters. And it is why you’re there.

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