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Obama: Angry man hell-bent on destroying America

In a perverse way of sorts, the shutdown of areas of government is a good thing. It clearly illustrates Obama’s obvious intention to destroy all aspects of traditional America.

Let’s look at the pattern Obama’s intentions follow. First, open homosexuals welcomed to the military, affecting unit cohesion.

Then, Obama telling the Soviets he would willingly gut our nuclear arsenal.

Also, Obama’s hamstring of Border Patrol agents to deliberately change the traditional ethnic makeup of America.

And finally, Obamacare, a scheme that will simply destroy the best medical care system on the planet.

All this because Obama does not like this country and is taking his psychological hang-ups out on it. Obama, because of his mixed race heritage, has gone through life an angry man. Sadly, he is now in a position to wield that anger to destroy our nation. Only the dullest among us would fail to see this.