A black mother with child journeys far to the capital to talk to the ruler, a man of her own race who she believes is interfering with her mind, if not stalking her. The unarmed woman is repelled at the ruler’s palace, chased through the capital and shot dead by the ruler’s henchmen or henchwomen in full view of her traumatized 1-year-old child.

Mainstream media guffaw. Government officials applaud. Johnny-on-the-spot race profiteers are AWOL.

Stitch together a sadistic wannabe king, fawning media, mind control, stalking, summary state execution for the non-compliant and tawdry double standards. This macabre drama could be an allegory for our times, playing during a period of intense stress for our country as Obama, the Democrats and mainstream media, heavy sadists with Fourth Reich fantasies, rev up the IRS Gestapo to enforce Obamacare.

Was the tragically murdered woman insane to believe Obama is a stalker who infiltrated and controlled her mind? She was not so much insane as susceptible.

Obama is, in reality, a stalker of weak minds, a Machiavellian predator in short pants. Obama’s overplayed shtick of clipped words, martial monotones and aggressive body language is part of a teleprompted authoritarian mind-control gig that nets the susceptible. The more enlightened know him as an adult child throwing tantrums or acting tough to distract from his incompetence, ineligibility and shallowness.

Then, too, as a conman, Obama lures the susceptible with the old “something for nothing” ruse and attaches himself to his marks like a barbed hook (for example, “free” Obamaphones for recipients of welfare and food stamps so their calls and texts can be easily tracked and data-mined by the federales). Further along, as an experienced government racketeer, Obama will use threats to force citizens into compliance with crony fascism.

Maybe the assassinated woman wasn’t crazy after all. Maybe she’ll go down in history as the canary in the mine.

Clara Meyers

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