Why is the party rank and file mute on Obama’s circus? Never has Obama been so vulnerable, with such a patently absurd premise of sign, then we will talk. All Republicans should be crying foul, loud and clear! Our position is strong, but Obama’s assertions go essentially unchallenged by most in the party. This is thus virtually agreeing with his assessment of the situation.

Facts that should be repeated loud and clear:

The House Republicans gave the Senate a bill that fully funds the government weeks ago. It only omitted the health law, which is the only point remaining to be negotiated.

Rather than accept this and keep the government funded, the Obama camp rejected it. Instead they have held the country hostage to get their way. The American people must be reminded of this NOW.

If Obama had any genuine concern for the thousands of Americans who are being hurt by this, he would instruct the Senate Democrats to pass the bill presented weeks ago, and then present a bill to fund Obamacare separately. Then it can be negotiated without the damage to the populace.

The Democrats’ actions make it obvious that they are the ones doing the hostage-taking, holding the American people at gunpoint, shamelessly causing as much pain as possible to try and increase pressure on the House and bully them into giving in. Why are we not saying so?

Obama’s offer to discuss after the bill is signed is patently absurd. How can one negotiate after signing a contract? Doesn’t work that way, as Boehner plainly said. We know Obama is speaking to the partisan crowd and the media, attempting to show flexibility where there is none. He is plainly attempting to stir up the weak-minded and hardcore liberals to put pressure on the House. How can thinking Americans not be sickened by this transparent sham and not rise up now?

Everyone in the Republican Party should be on every stump they can find or manufacturer to force the media to tell the truth. Obama thinks he can bully the House by creating public pressure. The media must break ranks with their president and tell the truth, here and now, to put an end to this circus.

Tom Graham

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