Mr. Farah,

You said in “Have defenders of liberty given up?” that you really want to hear from people. Well, here I am.

In this column, you articulated the same questions and sentiments I have – or, more accurately, that I am nearly overwhelmed by. I, too, am ready to “storm the barricades.”

I think sufficient outrage is there in some other folks, too, but I think what’s missing is solid leadership. So far no one has emerged as the leader to spark substantial activism and resistance, to give it feet and to show folks how to fight back. No one has told them which rooftop to yell from or which street to march on. Periodic voting isn’t cutting it.

So, maybe all that’s missing is the right leader – someone who can unify and mobilize sufficiently outraged people, someone who is willing to pay a price. But know this: The opposition knows what we need, and they are certainly working diligently to keep that need from ever being met.

Apart from an eternal perspective rooted in Christ, these things might bury me. How could they not? We watch as Marxism’s wicked fingers clench tighter around our throats, but there seems to be almost nothing we can do to fight against it. What can we do? Tell me. I’m ready to pay a price.

Actually (and I don’t mean this to be provocative), don’t just “tell” me, show me. Maybe you’re the one (or one of the ones) that can lead. I’m sure of this, the qualifications for leadership in this battle (fundamentally the defense of truth, beauty and goodness) include things beyond deep conservative insight, intellect and great writing/speaking skills. It’s going to take a selfless champion, with deep convictions, who is willing to pay a price. And it’s going to be hard.

I appreciate your insights and the heart that you show in your writings.

Tom Viets

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