I have a question for Megyn Kelly, a Fox News program host. Ms. Kelly, why did you rush to call Joe the Plumber a racist on your prime-time show when it is a fact that you gave a complete pass to the avowed racist Negress and ACORN member Jehmu Greene when she openly insulted Tucker Carlson for being a white male who disagreed with her? Or perhaps, Ms. Kelly, you presumed the smarmy Negress Jehmu Greene was actually embracing Mr. Carlson with words of love and kindness when she verbally attacked and insulted him live on camera on your show for what amounted to his being white. And before you disagree, let me remind you that it was your favorite Negress who hurled an insulting volley of racial epithets based solely on Carlson being white.

As I wrote last week, “[You] attacked Joe the Plumber calling him a racist for an article [you] wanted the public to believe he had written titled, ‘America Needs A White Republican President,’ which was in fact written by Kevin Jackson, who is only slightly lighter than am I.”

Ms. Kelly, you sat there on your prime-time news program and with all of your petulant, insult-feigned glory, tried to convince an unsuspecting audience how deplorable Joe the Plumber was for writing such an insulting, insensitive and racist article. But, as I stated, Joe the Plumber, who is white, did not write the article; Kevin Jackson, who is black, wrote the article. Joe simply reposted it.

So, why are you indicting Joe the Plumber and his blog as racist for reposting an article written by a black man who happens to be a conservative?

I have another question for you, Ms. Kelly. Why did you give the appearance of being deeply offended by what a white blogger reposted when in fact your research staff assuredly knew that it was written by a black man? Why were you knowingly misleading the people?

Those unfamiliar with how newsrooms and journalism work might be fooled into believing you made an innocent mistake, but those of us who have worked on editorial boards, written/write for newspapers and who earn our living as writers and pundits are convinced yours was no mistake. Especially since at the very end of the reposted article the words “Read the rest at TheBlackSphere.net” (which is Kevin Jackson’s website) are demonstrably displayed.

No, Ms. Kelly, you saw an opportunity to further foment racial animus and antipathy, and you seized upon it. I’m betting that you rolled the dice figuring you would be able to ignore any harsh criticism. Well, young lady, your photos (of which the T&A ones are in poor taste for a professional) and blond hair make you no more attractive or honest than Al Sharpton when you knowingly and repeatedly permit and incite racial antipathy for personal gain.

Jehmu Greene sees the clouds in the sky through a prism of racial antipathy, and yet you fawn over her on your show as if she could do no wrong despite her unprovoked, racial name-calling assault of Tucker Carlson, for which you gave the weakest response I have, without exaggeration, ever heard on a cable program. In fact, it wasn’t an apology at all; it was a wink-wink.

Jehmu Greene is the former national director of Project Vote for the extreme, left-wing, radical group ACORN. The group under her direction was accused of massive voter fraud and other violations that came under the definition of illegal.

Ms. Kelly, if you are so concerned about racial insensitivity, why don’t you show some sensitivity toward your white viewership? Or perhaps you see nothing wrong with subjecting them to a racist radical who mirrors Van Jones, the other racist radical Obama fawns over? Or, perhaps you think there’s justification for them to repeatedly hear how the ills of blacks are the white man’s fault?

Ms. Kelly, since you are so concerned about racists and racism and apparently believe it your journalistic duty to ferret out and expose same, I have another question for you. Why don’t you have on your show the families of those molested by marauding black hoodlums who targeted them specifically because they were white? Why, Ms. Kelly, if you are so concerned about exposing racists, do you not invite victims who were attacked by black gangs because they were white?

If, Ms. Kelly, you purpose to expose racism, why don’t you have Mr. Jamiel Shaw, a law-abiding, hard-working father whose wife serves in the U.S. Army, on your show? They can tell you about their son Jamiel Jr. who was murdered in cold blood at their doorsteps by an illegal-alien Mexican. Murdering innocent blacks is how Mexicans in Los Angeles earn their bona fides to become gang members.

Or, Ms. Kelly, would that be too much like really doing your job? Then again, you can have me on your show to debate your favorite Negress, radical racist Jehmu Greene. Oh, and for the record, I am black, and I stand by my comments. I don’t want you to blame another white person for what this American of color said.

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