The Obama administration is gushing that Obamacare will change the lives of three uninsured women – but none of the women have actually enrolled in the program.

Twitchy noted that the HHS blog “offers the stories of three women as if they’re Obamacare ‘success stories.'”

However, a close reading of their statements reveals Caroline, Kate and Elizabeth say they are “looking to buy,” “still shopping” and “still trying to decide.”

The HHS blog says Caroline, a 27-year-old substitute teacher and part-time guidance counselor in Washington, D.C., who has been uninsured since 2009, wants to “get insurance on the Marketplace” so she can avoid expensive emergency hospital bills.

According to HHS, Kate, a 30-year-old consultant for a non-governmental organization said she is “overwhelmed” by her options on the Marketplace and is “still shopping to make sure I make the right decision.”

Elizabeth, 29, who recently finished a graduate program in social media, tells HHS, “I’m still trying to decide what plan is right for me …”

But Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius tweeted Monday, “With better coverage at a better price Kate & Caroline are enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace.”

Twitchy noted, “In fairness, all three of those people might be trying to enroll but are instead stuck seemingly forever in a ‘waiting room.'”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced Monday that the Obama administration is installing a “waiting room” on the website, which has been having technical troubles since its Oct. 1 implementation.

The Obamacare website will also go offline Monday night for repairs after a weekend of “work designed to fix major technical problems.”

As WND recently reported, after two hours of attempts to obtain cost estimates for the four different plans offered by the federal health exchange – platinum, gold, silver and bronze – the government offered to reply “sometime before Jan. 1, 2014.”

And because an applicant wouldn’t want to apply to purchase a product without knowing what the cost would be, that meant there could be a three-month wait to even apply.

WND’s investigation revealed multitudes of hurdles, ranging from unknown cost estimates and repeated questioning to long waits and even a disconnected telephone call.

The blogosphere reacted to Sebelius’ three examples of Obamacare success:

  • “Looks like the spin doctors are at it again. Who are they fooling anyway? These exchanges are turning out to be a total failure.”
  • “If they want to enroll people in Odumbocare, they should forego picturing Sebelius. She’s the reason people haven’t run to sign up. Are these 3 people real or did she dig them up?”
  • “Hope and Change as in I Hope I can log on because Now I have to Change my policy because the old one is illegal come Jan 1. LOL.”
  • “What a mess!! How are these people in control of our country!!”
  • “Kathleen Sibelius is an airhead. Time to resign you fraud. The computer system for Obamacare has already been hacked, is unsafe, unnavigable, doesn’t process forms properly, has incorrect pricing and subsiides, scares people, lists numerous penalties, authorizes seizure of your bank accounts & home, and fails to address the most basic need in the first place which was make health insurance affordable so those who WERE uninsured can afford it, while the rest of us, now losing our policies and seeing dramatic rate increases, kept their insurance at their negotiated rates without impact. This entire dinosaur is a scam and must be repealed entirely.”
  • “I heard that 2 people over there are thinking of maybe clicking on the marketplace site in the next few months. SUCCESS!!!”

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