Just for once, the GOP is taking a stand. Having used its majority in the House of Representatives to vote to defund Obamacare, it now faces the same opprobrium from the voters in the opinion polls as Newt Gingrich did when he was speaker.

Yet – mirabile dictu – the GOP is standing firm. It is not buckling under the pressure from sneering totalitarians in the left-dominated news media, who, poodle-like, recite the administration’s line that Obamacare is “the law of the land” and ought not to be defunded.

Well, yes, Obamacare is “the law of the land.” But the trouble with Obama is that he openly regards the Constitution of the United States as an obstacle to his frankly communist ambitions. So let me remind him and his party of Article I, Section 7, of the Constitution they hate so fiercely. This is what it says:

“All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

This Section gives the House the right to fund or to defund any activity of the U.S. government, whether or not that activity is “the law of the land.” In all matters of funding, the Constitution gives the House what is known to jurisprudential theorists as the “probouleutic function” – the sole right to initiate and, more importantly, not to initiate legislation before Congress.

So the “Democrats” should stop whining about Obamacare being “the law of the land.” For Article I, Section 7, imposes no obligation whatsoever on the House to fund Obamacare. The elected representatives of the people have decided to exercise the probouleutic function in deciding not to vote funding for Obamacare. Don’t blub, Barry: Get used to it. You’re not getting the money.

But the Republicans, who, for once, are actually fighting the scandalous fiscal irresponsibility of an administration that insanely introduced Obamacare at precisely the one moment in the history of the United States when it cannot by any stretch of the imagination be afforded, have failed to sell their case to the American people, as the opinion polls are showing.

They should take a lesson from Lenin, who used to say, “Explain – always explain!”

The Republicans have not explained the following points. They should now explain them, over and over again, until everyone understands.

Point 1: The House has not voted to shut down the government.

Let me repeat that.

Point 1: The House has not voted to shut down the government. It has not voted to defund those civil servants who are on unpaid furlough. It has not voted to bring Washington, D.C., to a standstill. It has voted to defund only one activity of government. And that is Obamacare.

Point 2 is closely related to Point 1: The House has voted to continue funding all of the government’s activities, with the sole exception of Obamacare. Specifically, it has voted to continue funding all the activities that have been shut down.

Point 3 follows from Point 2: It is Obama who has shut down his own administration. The GOP is in no way responsible. It is he, and he alone, who has decided – for partisan political reasons – to mothball various frankly nonessential bits of government, such as the hated EPA, so as to shift the blame to the GOP and make them look bad.

Obama’s blame-shifting strategy is working. It is working because the GOP has not succeeded in explaining what the House is doing – and, more importantly, what it is not doing.

But what is the underlying problem, and where does the blame lie for that? The answer, of course, is that on Obama’s watch the federal debt has doubled. He has borrowed or printed trillions and has then squandered them on funding fashionable hard-left causes such as the failed “stimulus” package and the failing Obamacare. Wilfully, he has driven America into outright bankruptcy.

In this column, I have done my best to sound warnings before about the fact that Obama, and America, now depend absolutely upon China for their future. China is Uncle Sam’s lender of last resort. And China has at last awakened to the fact that much of the money it has lent to its communist ally in the White House will never – can never – be repaid.

You heard it here first. The United States is going default on its obligations. The consequent worldwide financial collapse will make 2008 – and even 1929 – look like picnics. And, gentle readers, it is your fault. You, the people of the United States, chose as your “president” a man who openly has a bogus birth certificate on the White House website, who openly detests your Constitution, who had no previous experience before going into politics except as a communist agitator (coyly rebranded “community organizer”) and who – on any view – was and is entirely inadequate to serve in your nation’s highest office.

Commentators on both sides of the political divide are saying that because federal tax revenues are so enormous, there will be no difficulty in funding the interest on America’s existing debts. Unfortunately, that statement – while true – is disingenuous in the extreme. Red China has now awakened from her slumber and has realized that lending any more money to Red Obama would be throwing good money after bad. If China will not lend to pay for the onward march of socialism in the U.S.A., who else will? Who else can even afford to?

My guess is that a deal to lift the debt ceiling will be reached, but not until very shortly before the deadline. But what is almost entirely absent from the conversation is any discussion about how to balance the budget in future. It is here that the GOP remains just as unconvincing as Obama himself. It will not be easy to draw up a list of the unpopular spending cuts that are no longer optional, but neither party will face the fact that this must now be done.

The GOP must now show itself to be as fit for government as Obama has proven himself unfit. It must draw up and publish a plan to eradicate all new federal borrowing. And then, before it is too late, it must explain, explain, explain.

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