Thanks Pat. I enjoy your articles and value your insight and perspective. In this case, however, I have to disagree [“The beltway lies of the Obamacare war”].

I can’ t speak to what the latest polls say regarding Obamacare – and I personally am adamantly opposed to Obamacare – but the fact of the matter is that this country has already spoken on this issue, and Obamacare should be implemented. Romney ran for president on a platform to stop the implementation of Obamacare, and he lost that election. I voted for and supported Romney, but the American people have already spoken on this issue. The majority voted for Obama – and the majority voted for Obamacare.

It’s time the Republicans stop fighting against the voice of the American people and support its implementation. Do I think it’s a mistake? Yes, and I fear for my parents who are both now in their 80s and have never had a higher need for quality medical care. But I’m an American first, and this issue is closed. The American people have already spoken, poll or no poll.

Mike Denning

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