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Tell Congress to fight 'despicable' Obama

Got your Obamacare rate hikes? Like the deductible? How about the coverage? Still want it? Or is there another path you’d like to see Congress take?

The time to tell your representatives and senators is right now, or, as the minister says at weddings, “forever hold your peace.”

A new petition has been launched urging Congress to roll back President Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.”

The issues are multiple: the government shutdown because Obama refused to compromise with House Republicans, the president’s demand to have unfettered access to borrowing and spending more taxpayer money, the intimidating warning that if the GOP doesn’t cave in Obama will allow the “full faith and credit” of the nation to be compromised.

It’s a petition urging the House of Representatives to “stand strong and united, and not to cave in to the ‘make-the-shutdown-hurt’ and extortionist tactics of President Barack Obama.”

Addressed to members of the U.S. House, the petition notes President Ronald Reagan warned that the surest way to establish socialism in America would be through socialized medicine.

It points out that Obamacare, adopted by a Democrat-only vote in 2010, would hand over to the federal government one-sixth of the U.S. economy even though nobody in Congress read the law before passing it.

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So far, the health-care law has cost tens of thousands of jobs, and “every national poll shows that a strong majority of Americans simply do not want Obamacare,” the petition explains.

The solution isn’t complicated, however.

“The Constitution specifically grants to the House of Representatives the power – and the responsibility – of the purse, and thus its members have every right to decline to fund Obamacare, in keeping with the will of the voters that elected them,” the petition says.

“The Obama administration must not be rewarded for its despicable actions of deploying police and barricades to block heroic WWII veterans – many in wheelchairs – from paying their final respects to their fallen comrades at the WWII Memorial on the National Mall.”

There’s more.

“Not only the WWII Memorial, but ALL of the war memorials on the National Mall, as well as national parks across the nation, are being sadistically closed, even though they have never before been closed during any previous temporary government shutdown.”

But will Americans allow the “Obama strategy” of imposing hurt on Americans when the White House doesn’t get its way and blaming Republicans?

If they do, the use of such “ruthless tactics” will escalate, the petition warns.

“Standing strong now will win House Republicans the respect and support of voters in the all-important 2014 midterm elections in November 2014, but caving now will cause millions of conservatives to stay home in dismay and disgust,” the petition states.

Further, “the White House is telling a flat-out lie that failure to raise the debt limit will result in ‘default,’ when in reality, income taxes alone bring in 10 times the revenue need to make interest payments on the national debt and avoid default.”

“Therefore, we the undersigned urge the House of Representatives to exercise their constitutional power and responsibility of the purse to defund Obamacare and thereby save America from plunging into socialized medicine and the government regulation of every aspect of life that will inevitably follow. For members of Congress, each of whom has sworn a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution, to reward a president for engaging in such an unprecedented and sadistic extortion campaign as is currently taking place would be repugnant to a free country and a free people,” the petition states.

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