America is speeding headlong to a cliff.

  • The looming precipice represents an economic collapse due to Washington’s uncontrolled spending and borrowing, as well as fiscal and regulatory policies that are shutting down the most vibrant economy in the world.

  • It represents cultural chaos and a domestic war on the values that made America and Western civilization great.
  • It represents external and internal threats from a re-emerging Islamic empire that, until recently, laid dormant for one generation.

But that triad of threats truly represent only material symptoms of a deeper spiritual crisis – America’s turn from God and His ways.

I’m doubly frustrated that Americans are not fighting back in either the material or the spiritual dimension.

Yes, we need government to be accountable to the people and the rule of law, again. The whole idea of a government whose power would be limited under the law and the will of the people was one birthed in the American colonies some 237 years ago with more than a little courage and sacrifice, not to mention spilled blood, sweat and tears.

Courage and the willingness to sacrifice are rare qualities in America today. There’s a lot of idle chatter. There’s a lot of disgruntlement. There’s a lot of demagoguery. But, there’s not a lot of inspired leadership. There’s not a lot of action. And there’s no resistance or rebellion.

Yes, we need to resist falling prey to the cultural chaos spreading across our nation and fight the good fight to preserve 6,000-year-old standards of right and wrong. Those values and even the cornerstone institution of the family are under siege like never before in human history. Right is wrong. Left is right. Up is down. And dark is light.

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But the tide of revolutionary madness is strong and threatens to sweep over the very institutions and worldview that sparked the greatest period of liberty, prosperity and compassion the world has ever known.

Yes, we need to guard against the resurrection of an old enemy that conquered most of the world and imposed its religion on nation after nation at the point of the sword. But now that enemy of civilization, tolerance, pluralism, not to forget the rights of infidels and women, is back – fueled with the lifeblood of all forms of energy, industry, transportation and war.

What is the response? Capitulation or – just as bad – blindness to the realities of the threat.

So how can America be saved?

Resistance comes in in several forms:

  • the spread of knowledge and truth;
  • Courage to speak out against the evil around us;
  • A willingness to sacrifice our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, as America’s founders did;
  • And, most importantly, faith in the Creator of the Universe – the One True God who gave us the instructions for abundant life and life everlasting.

That last one, I am convinced, is the key to the war and turmoil surrounding us.

Our Creator was quite specific in His instructions to his faithful about how to overcome times and tribulations like we face in America today.

He spoke them to us for all times.

And they represent a WMD in the overwhelming struggles we face – a weapon of mass discernment, a weapon of mass deliverance.

No one should go into battle without their best weapon. What is our best weapon?

It’s prayer – but sincere and sustained prayer on a foundation of humility, faith in God and repentance for our own wickedness.

God spoke these words to Solomon at the consecration of the first Temple many centuries ago: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

It’s a promise for us today, just as it was a promise to Solomon and His people when He spoke those words.

Those words have power and truth behind them. They promise miracles if we obey and follow their clear prescription.

I cling to those words. I pray you take them seriously.

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