When Obama threatened to bomb Syria over its use of chemical weapons, he found overwhelming opposition from the American public. To his credit, Putin showed leadership by throwing Obama a lifeline, preventing him from doing something that he didn’t have the stomach to do. Putin could have allowed the president to bury himself by allowing him to start yet another American war.

Now the president is in a position to show leadership in the current crisis with the government shutdown. Instead, he is content by calling the loyal opposition names like “anarchists,” “arsonists” and “extortionists.” Obviously, you can’t expect sincere debate by calling the person across the table incendiary names. These are not the qualities of leadership that a president should have in representing ALL Americans, not just Democrats.

The speaker of the House has publicly stated that he will not let the government default on its obligations. If this is true, the speaker will have displayed greater leadership qualities than the president, regardless of the outcome.

Obama has said, “There are no red states or blue states, just the United States.” Now is the time for him to live up to those words.

George Green

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