One National Park Service employee was brave enough to come out and report that federal workers who haven’t been furloughed have received orders from above to make the shutdown as painful as possible for the American people. He said: “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” The shutdown has gone past difficult and is approaching ridiculous.

Here is a list of what I think are the top 10 most insane moments of the Obama-Reid shutdown:

1) Not only did Obama include the National Institute of Health’s experimental treatments for children with terminal cancer in the shutdown, he has threatened to veto funding that Republicans have offered to instate. And all along we thought it was Republicans who wanted children to die.

2) Military suicides are at an all-time high. Obama’s answer to that? Remove their chaplains! The chaplains know the importance of their work for our service members during this tumultuous time in the throes of the Navy Yard shootings, Benghazi and the rest of it, so they offered their services for free. Obama’s response? He said chaplains can be arrested if they voluntarily serve our military.

3) The Library of Congress website was shut down until Oct. 4. was redirected to a notice that it was no longer available due to the shutdown. On Friday, one of the essential bureaucrats in Washington discovered that leaving the website up actually costs nothing. At last glance, the LOC website is back up and running. In related news, the FCC social media team announced they will not be tweeting due to the shutdown. What will we do without tweets from the FCC?

4) National Park Service employees descended onto the home of George Washington at Mt. Vernon to erect barricades after the government was shut down. But, just as Washington ran the British out of Boston after they barricaded the city, the staff at the estate turned the government employees away and removed the barricades. Mt. Vernon has been privately funded for 150 years, and the government had absolutely no authority to shut it down.

5) Although no funding exists to keep the World War II memorial open, somehow, funding was found to erect a barricade. Each day, as veterans in their eighties and nineties break through the barricades at the memorial like they did at Omaha Beach, federal employees are paid to come reconstruct them.

6) Just as Hitler posted troops at Normandy to keep the allied forces out, President Obama is now turning away those who wish to pay their respects at the Normandy American Cemetery. More than 9,000 patriots who gave their lives were laid to rest at the D-Day Memorial, and respecting their service and sacrifice is not allowed during the shutdown, thanks to the Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

7) The Armed Forces Network will not be broadcasting sports programming to our troops overseas. While our troops on the front line in the war on terror will have their MLB and NFL games blacked out, you can bet that President Obama will still be watching Sports Center in the White House every night as he is known to do.

8) Although an automated camera has been posting pictures of Old Faithful’s eruptions on the web around the clock for years, it has been shut off.  Teams of rangers have been busy erecting and maintaining barricades around Yellowstone National Park and running off anyone trying to enjoy the natural beauty of the park, but they took a break from all of that work to pull the plug on the geyser’s webcams.

9) We know the president’s priorities, and golf is at the top of that list. Golf courses at military installations remain open and funded while grocery stores at those sites are shut down.

10) WJLA is reporting that scenic overlooks next to roadways have been barricaded and signs have been erected telling passersby that they are closed due to the shutdown. These areas where tourists may stop to enjoy a scenic view of the nation’s capital cost nothing to keep open, but the Obama administration is trying to create a scenic view of its own – a city that he has shut down and seeks to blame Republicans.

This isn’t the first time the “compassionate president” acted so harshly toward the people he is supposed to serve.

The last time I interviewed Rep. Michele Bachmann, she told me about a little boy who she saw in our nation’s capital, who was visiting with Make a Wish Foundation, an organization that funds and plans exciting trips for children with terminal illnesses. The little boy’s dream was to see the White House, but because Obama closed access to the public in an effort to punish Republicans after the sequester, the little boy didn’t get his wish of seeing it. Bachmann made multiple personal calls to the White House and pulled every political string she could, but the buck stopped with Obama, and he refused. That may have been the little boy’s only chance to ever see the White House. Similarly, a young girl’s dream of seeing the Statue of Liberty has been destroyed thanks to Obama and Reid.

One really has to question Obama’s loyalty to our nation and our military when he seems willing to hurt whomever is in his way when it comes to pushing his agenda.

Jeff Reed, of American Family Radio put it like this: “The sad reality is … Obama sent more guards to keep WWII vets from entering their memorial than he sent to Benghazi.”

If the republic survives his scorn, history will show him as the most destructive president ever.

Perhaps the scariest part in all of this is how many federal workers, park rangers and state and federal officers are “just following orders” from the Obama administration. The question lingering in my mind is, “What will happen when they are ordered to round up all the guns or round up all the protesters?”

I pray they don’t say, “We’re just following orders, Ma’am.”

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