“Mr. Citizen, you have a massive cancerous tumor in your left lung. It’s certain to metastasize to your right lung and throughout your body, probably sooner than later. Sorry to tell you this, Sir, but this will most certainly be fatal.”

You, Mr. (or Mrs.) Citizen, are stunned, of course. A death knell, one you’ve dreaded for years, and now “the bell tolls for thee.”

“But wait, doctor!,” you cry, “is there anything you can do? Anything?”

“Well,” he replies, “it’s drastic, but we can go in quickly and remove the left lung. If we do it well and quickly, we’ll remove the spreading tumor and hopefully catch it before it contaminates the other lung and spreads through your whole body. But it will cost you your lung. Some people live a long time with just one lung.”

My friend, my fellow citizen, this is the economic situation of our very economy, and of our nation itself.

Economists have been warning us for years! The national debt has skyrocketed to more than $16 trillion, rising $80 billion a month, thanks to Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve printing that much in worthless paper and our current administration’s policies.

And as I write this, Congress and the president are deadlocked in a showdown over his dictatorial insistence that he be given a blank check to raise the debt ceiling by at least another trillion-and-a-half dollars this coming year! Further, he demands that Congress, many of whose members were elected specifically by the people they represent to oppose and defund his Obamacare, knuckle under and rubber-stamp his ruinous takeover of one-sixth of the economy and allow him to impose it on all American citizens – the majority of whom don’t want it and never have!

In “Doctor in the House,” Rep. Michael Burgess brings clarity and common sense to the perplexing national debate over Obamacare.

He juts his jaw out like Benito Mussolini and proclaims, in chorus with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, “It’s the law! Congress passed it, I signed it, the Supreme Court declared it’s legal, and it’s the law!

“So what if none of the elected representatives of the people had read the 2,200-page bill? As Nancy Pelosi advised, Congress should pass it and then find out what’s in it – and they did! There’s nothing you can do about it now. If you don’t give me what I demand, I’ll shut the government down, hurt as many Americans in as many ways as I can think of – and blame it on you!”

But there’s a doctor in the house. In fact, there are several of them. And they’re diagnosing this whole malady, correctly identifying the cancerous tumor called insane, escalating, unpayable debt, and prescribing the only practical remedy, if it’s not too late.

Dr. Tom Coburn, yes the senator from Oklahoma and a medical doctor, has been revealing for months on end billions of waste and fraud in our government – things like more than 100 giant expensive government buildings in Washington, D.C., right under the noses of our legislators that aren’t even being used! For the real-estate value alone, these buildings can be sold to cut away the need for an increase in the debt ceiling!

Billions and billions more on things like research into the sex patterns of grasshoppers, the needs of tiny fish in Nancy Pelosi’s ponds, highways to nowhere in Alaska, bridges and highways to bear the names of retiring senators and congressmen, like the unneeded airport in the late-Rep. John Murtha’s district, and countless “bureaus” and “departments” paying exorbitant salaries to government employees who do nothing anybody really wants or needs.

Citizen, there are dear friends and members of my own family who have had organs and breasts and even limbs surgically removed – to save their lives. Angelina Jolie very unashamedly publicized her double mastectomy, encouraging other women to do whatever is necessary to rid their bodies of death-dealing cancer. My brother and many friends have had prostate cancer, Arthur Godfrey had his lung removed, my father had his gallbladder excised when he was 90.

In this life, you do what you have to do!

These “leftists,” “progressives,” socialists and Marxists who have infiltrated our government from the bottom to the top, have acted like drug dealers, “pushers” who offer a taste and promised heavenly experiences to deceived and uninformed patsies – and gotten them “hooked” on what they now believe only Big Brother government, the ultimate “pusher,” can provide them.

To buy their votes (and their own perpetual power), the pushers persuade the “suckers” that government is supposed to provide their every need, that only benevolent senators and congressmen and presidents care about them, while they are, in fact, undermining the government’s ability to even exist, much less provide for everybody with “magic money,” printed out of thin air and backed by nothing but their empty, perverse promises.

If this fool’s game, this Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme on steroids, continues any longer, our nation is doomed. It’s just a matter time, and not much of that. It’s a diabolic cancer, eating away at our vitals, and seemingly out of control.

The only solution – the only solution – is surgery, a massive, precise, objective cutting away of destructive and insane spending.

Congress, we elected you to represent us, not the president and his oppressive policies that we didn’t approve. Tell him he can shut his captive government down, but don’t blame the Republicans, who have offered plan after plan to keep it running. It’s his idea, and his doing.

Meanwhile, because you still control the purse strings and have the authority to fund or not fund, spend or not spend, get out your scalpels and seek and destroy every cancerous cell of bloated, wasteful spending. Show Americans we can still have a republic in which everybody has a chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – without a pusher poisoning our society with the drugs of unpayable debt and runaway, economically fatal spending.

Doctors in the House: Prescribe $2 trillion in debt reduction. And call the pusher in the morning. Tell him we’ll seek our health care elsewhere!

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