It is both surprising and gratifying that some of America’s brave patriots are finally getting their due in terms of recognition and positive publicity of late. While most major media outlets are not likely to counter the Obama narrative on anything until public executions have begun (and perhaps not even then), some that had been slow to cover the truckers’ Ride for the Constitution and the veteran’s protests this past weekend are now representing these as part of a movement among everyday Americans to resist our tyrannical president, his co-conspirators and entrenched progressive elites in our government.

And high time, too, I would say.

Over the last few weeks in print and on my streaming radio show, I’ve articulated my sentiment that it is past the time millions of Americans should have swarmed the Capitol and the White House, demanding the resignation of the president, his Cabinet, and every representative and senator in Congress, à la Tahrir Square in Egypt when Muslim Brotherhood thug Mohamed Morsi was ousted earlier this year.

Granted that much of this will sound preposterous and even seditious to many Americans, but the fact is such persons simply aren’t operating with sufficient information – sort of like the intoxicant aboard the Titanic who didn’t realize the ship was sinking until it was perpendicular to the ocean surface. This criminal administration has the darkest of designs on the nation and its people, and we have every right and the duty at this point to resist it. The attendant necessity to purge the government at large of communists and socialist elites, both Democrat and Republican, would be the second order of business.

Those of us who see that the course we are on, if unaltered, will either necessitate civil war or end in the cruelest totalitarianism are also aware that there is no more room for concern over being called extremists, arsonists, anarchists, terrorists, racists, kidnappers, hostage-takers, knuckle-draggers, tea-tards, tea-baggers, Taliban, or any of the other infantile slurs establishment leftists and their lemmings hurl our way.

It also bears mentioning that the aforementioned verbal abuse is no longer the sole domain of activists, entertainers and the crude epsilons of social media. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democratic lawmakers have taken to employing this sort of inflammatory rhetoric in recent weeks. This, as well as the spiteful policies of the White House during the government shutdown, represents a dangerous progression of the administration’s agenda.

It is no small thing when we have such conservative stalwarts as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and former Alaska governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin standing alongside veterans as they stormed barriers (affectionately dubbed “Barrycades” by protesters and bloggers) at the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial this past weekend. It is also no small thing when Sarah Palin states that any attempt by President Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit without congressional approval is an “impeachable offense,” or when Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, says that “We could be on the cusp of seeing some civil disobedience” in America while discussing impeachment with a radio host and referencing the millions who revolted against Morsi in Egypt, resulting in the successful overthrow of a ruthless tyrant.

In America we have a ruthless tyrant in Barack Obama. Although he may not yet be able to act in a completely unrestrained modality, rest assured that he will do anything to gain his objectives. He has managed to have laws passed using the most underhanded political devices, and openly committed treason against the United States.

“We have martial law. What that means – and my colleagues know what it means – is that you can put a bill on in just minutes.”

– Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Oct. 7, 2013, from the floor of the House of Representatives

Whether Jackson Lee is privy to information that has not been shared with the rest of us, or if she was evidencing her perennial stupidity, her words certainly reflect the attitude of those Democratic lawmakers who are in lockstep with President Obama these days – and they underscore the need for Americans’ nascent movement of resistance.

Leaving aside Obama’s goal of oligarchical collectivism, his serial violation of constitutional law, and twin objectives of precipitating economic chaos via his threat of default on our debt and usurping the power of the purse from Congress, his methods toward achieving this have meandered from the realm of autocracy into that of tyranny.

While Obama’s end game is not yet clear to most, his methods are becoming apparent to thousands more of us every day. Whether the startling revelations of those attempting to sign up for Obamacare discovering that their health insurance premiums will quintuple, or that their coverage is going away altogether, or those who merely observe the emerging tyranny in this president’s so-called governance, people everywhere are waking up. They are also beginning to see that those of their neighbors who are being most demonized by this criminal administration and its surrogates truly represent Everyman – namely, them.

If these people were as well-versed in the Constitution and the limits of the executive branch as were their not-so-distant forebears, indeed we would indeed have millions descending upon Washington today – and there would be no stopping them.

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