[To Joseph Farah:] In answer to your questions about Americans, we have been sheeple, and cowards to boot. We seem to have forgotten what America is and what America is supposed to be: a freedom-loving, liberty-loving nation of FREE PEOPLE!

Unless Americans realize the true danger we all are in and we, the people, do something about it, we are doomed to failure. It is we small people, those who work for a living, who are the true backbone of this country, and it will have to be us who do the necessary job of retaking our nation, before this enemy in office completely ruins us and our nation’s future.

We need a leader, a real leader, someone who inspires trust and confidence. Ted Cruz is the only one to stand up and speak the truth, but until we stand behind such a man, we are our own worst enemy. Until we realize that we hold our own futures in our own hands and do what must be done, we will forever be led to the slaughter as the sheeple we appear to be. I, for one, do not want this horror that is called Obamacare, and there are many like me, but not nearly enough.

I signed the petition and will do what one person can, but there MUST be more who will be willing to do the same.

Betsy K. Larsen

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