The good news for America is: As the Obamacare brand goes down in flames, so does the Obama brand with it. Even a slippery snake like Obama can’t disown his namesake debacle.

Obama and the Democrats own everything that’s wrong with Obamacare, not limited to: dysfunctional website, governmental trawling of private information, security sieve, sticker shock over high deductibles and monthly premiums, sticker shock over ACA tax increases, millions of employees forced into part-time status, businesses pushed into staff terminations or closure, young people gouged for something they won’t use, cancellations of private insurance policies, exit of insurance companies from markets, doctors resigning in droves, hospitals closing, decline in quality care, waiting lists for medical procedures, miles of bureaucratic red tape, death panels and collapse of morale in the health professions.

In short, Obama and the Democrats are forcing upon Americans the worst possible health-care model – very long on government rules, expensive bureaucracies, taxes, costly premiums and high deductibles and very short on efficient quality health care and motivated health professionals. Americans are not going to put up with this, and they would rather the devils who pushed Obamacare down their throats go to blazes than submit to such an ill-conceived and toxic system like this.

R. Huber

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