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Why I am an unashamed Islamophobe

There’s a new 150-page report out by the Council of American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, called “Legislating Fear: Islamophobia and Its Impact in the United States.”

CAIR lists 37 groups in what it calls “the Islamophobia network’s inner core” and another 32 groups in “the Islamophobia network’s outer core.”

My “organization,” actually a news and information company, is listed in the outer core.

Some people might object to being on such a list. I’m only embarrassed that I wasn’t perceived as enough of a threat to CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the biggest terrorism-funding trial in American history, to make the inner core – the A list of enemies.

Some people on the lists might object to being labeled “Islamophobes.” I don’t. Even though it is a made-up word, it technically means “fear of Islam.” I have no problem with that description given Islam is responsible for more violence, more terrorism and more persecution of Jews and Christians around the world than any other religion or contemporary political or social movement.

Every liberty-loving, peace-loving person in the world has good cause to fear Islam in its many forms, as it is on the ascendancy in the world not seen for perhaps 500 years.

Most Americans don’t understand that Islam is not just another religion. It was also the force behind the last great empire the world has known – one that wasn’t fully dismantled until World War I. But beginning in 1979, with the Iranian revolution that brought to power the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a radical, zealous, imperialistic, violent form of Islam has been on the rise. It began with the Shiite Iranian revolution but has spread through the Sunni world just as quickly.

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As a result, Christians are experiencing a genocidal siege in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and throughout the Islamic world. They are being told to convert or die. They are being raped and kidnapped and murdered. And world leaders and the world’s media are once again silent – just as they were during the early stages of the Holocaust.

Is that a good reason to be Islamophobic? You bet. We should be fanning the flames of Islamophobia because this ideology is toxic for non-Muslims, women and ultimately even for adherents who are programmed to kill others and often themselves in the name of Allah.

There are too many people in the world who mau-mau the familiar refrain that Islam is a “religion of peace.” They try to make a distinction between mainstream Islam and the brand of fanaticism that inspires al-Qaida and the broad network of homicidal and genocidal terrorist maniacs who purposely instill fear among non-Muslims and sometimes even other Muslims.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It’s a religion of war. Just read its “holy book.”

Islam is also growing more sophisticated in the art of propaganda, having learned much from its old Soviet benefactors. (Read the book “Disinformation” or see the movie for more on that.) That’s why the leaders of CAIR, who seem soft-spoken and reasonable and appear regularly on television, are taken at face value by the U.S. media, despite the fact that more than a dozen officials, board members and employees of the organization have been arrested, indicted or convicted of terrorism-related charges in recent years.

Do you know any other so-called “civil rights organization” that has a track record like that?

In fact, do you know any other U.S. organization of any kind that has a track record like that?

Of course not, certainly not one that is featured as a voice of reason in media reports on a daily basis.

So don’t run away from the term “Islamophobe.” Embrace it. If you’re not an “Islamophobe,” then you are probably in the dark as to what an evil force Islam represents in the world today.

Would you run away from a label like “Nazi-phobe”? Would you be embarrassed to be called a “Communist-phobe”? Probably not. With good reason.

And there is good reason to fear Islam in the world today. Only those ignorant of what a malevolent force Islam represents in the world today, or those under its spell or considerable financial influence, would not fear it, loathe it and reject it.

Does that mean all Muslims are bad? Does that mean I hate Muslims? Not at all. My Lord commands me to love them, to pray for them and to bring them the good news. All Muslims are not terrorists, nor do they all represent a threat to liberty and civility. There were many nice people who joined the Nazi Party in Germany, too. There were many peaceful people who joined the Communist Party in Russia and China. But that did not make Nazism or Communism nice or peaceful.

Here are the real questions Americans, and others around the world, should ask themselves: Does Islam generally represent a force for good in the world? Or does it more generally represent a force for evil in the world?

If you are realistic and in touch with reality, you may find you are an Islamophobe, too.



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