“I read the news today, oh boy …”

John Lennon

It’s true. I got up to read the news the day after the latest debt deal was announced, and all I can say is, “Oh boy!”

So much confusion. So much disinformation. So many lies.

The USA Today headline proclaimed: “Back from the Brink: U.S. default averted for now, but new flashpoint looms.”

Is that really what happened in Washington last week? Was this all about averting default?

Nonsense. And it’s not just Barack Obama, the Democrats and the news media peddling this stuff. Plenty of Republicans and self-proclaimed conservatives are responsible, too. But, before I get to that, let’s start at the beginning.

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Forgive me my frustration here, because since 2011, I have been trying to explain the facts of what faces our country with this piling up of unprecedented debt and, more importantly, the opportunity it presents us to clean up our act and save our nation from the economic and social abyss.

When I saw, after the 2010 election, that Republicans had maintained control of the House by running on a platform of fiscal reform and an end to the borrowing-and-spending madness, I came up with a plan to return America to constitutionally limited government practically overnight – without the help of a president and Senate and news media who didn’t believe in that goal.

All we had to do was bolster the determination of House Republicans who had won office by proclaiming themselves supporters of that goal. It was and is called “The No More Red Ink Campaign,” and, thanks to you, it has succeeded in sending more than 1.5 million red letters to those House Republicans. I suspect the campaign had a strong part in persuading them to hold out longer than they had in 2011 and 2012.

But they still caved and capitulated. Ultimately, they signed on not solve the problem or force the issue, but to kick the can down the road – to give Obama all the money he needs to implement Obamacare and to support dozens and dozens of worthless, counterproductive, unconstitutional and evil programs, robbing you, your children and your grandchildren of their wealth and property, even before you ever see it and touch it.

That’s what happened last week. We didn’t step back from the brink – we took one more giant step into a hole that just keeps getting deeper and harder to climb out of. The day of reckoning was pushed off – again. This is not leadership. This is not responsible politics. This is not victory. This is disaster.

And here’s the answer to the big lie that you heard throughout this crisis and the one you will hear, again, a few months down the road: The U.S. was never going to default on its loan obligations if the debt limit was not raised. The only way that would happen is if Obama chose to make it happen, which would be unconstitutional and lawless. Obama threatened to do this like a child who doesn’t like the way the game is going and says he’s going to take his ball home with him. He threatened to take this action to punish the country the way he attempted to punish the country by closing monuments and national parks and stopping religious services on military bases. He didn’t have to do any of those things. They didn’t save money. They actually cost money.

Likewise, there was never a reason to default on loan payments if the debt limit were not increased. This is very important for everyone to understand. I feel like a broken record, but I keep seeing this lie disseminated in headlines across the country. I hear it spewed by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Debt payments represent a small fraction of the spending Washington does. Its spending priorities are the problem. We are only borrowing more and more ever year because Washington refuses to stop spending more than it takes in – to the tune of more than $1 trillion annually.

I can understand why Obama obfuscates this simple truth.

I can understand why the Democrats obfuscate this simple truth.

I can even understand why the biased media establishment obfuscates this simple truth.

What is harder for me to understand is why so many Republicans and self-proclaimed conservatives take an active part in hiding the truth from the American people.

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