Police are investigating threats against Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, after someone identifying himself as Troy Gilmore Jr. of Florida posted Cruz’s home address on Twitter Friday with threatening messages like this one: “Take down Ted Cruz, at his home.”

“What goes around comes around CRUZ!!” threatened @ArmyVet54, who identified himself a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Army. A montage of his tweets can be seen here. A word of caution, though. The language is graphic.

The Hill reported that past tweeted threats have resulted in convictions and imprisonment.

“Donte Jamar Sims, a 22-year-old man living in North Carolina, was sentenced to six months in prison in May after he threatened over Twitter to kill President Obama during the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

In June, a judge sentenced Jarvis Britton, a 26-year old Alabama man, to a yearlong prison term after he threatened Obama over Twitter.”

Online reporter John Nolte wrote:

“In the last couple of weeks the hate speech directed at Cruz from the elite media has been merciless. Politico mused about drowning Cruz; The Washington Post compared Cruz to an evil, mass-murdering terrorist – ‘Ted Bin Laden’; a writer for The New Yorker compared Cruz to O.J. Simpson. The media have also made Cruz the face of a movement they have described as a bunch of racists ‘wearing suicide vests’ and ‘taking hostages.’

“Mind you, this is just what the elite media have been saying. President Obama and top Democrats have been just as bad.”

So much for the president’s “new tone.

Obamacare success! Oops …

Oops! When Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for the New Yorker, tweeted his success in logging onto the Obamacare Healthcare.gov website, some White House functionaries who were evidently hunkered over their computers waiting for any sign of life, jumped on Lizza’s tweet and retweeted it, crowing for the world to see.

But it wasn’t long before the website froze or “hanged” as they say in computerese. Lizza retracted his boast, tweeting, “Got all the way to the end on http://healthcare.gov and then it got hung up trying to submit app.” And, “So, yes, http://healthcare.gov is still broken.”

So, where were the White House staffers when that happened? Certainly nowhere to be found on Twitter. Perhaps they had already turned off their computers and missed that part of it.

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Haunted happenings!

A North Carolina small business owner and father of two decided to give his Halloween decorations a spooky Obamacare twist this year with yard grave markers mourning the death of American health care and the U.S. economy. A report by WCNC, the Charlotte NBC affiliate, elicited several tweets, this one deserving the Bubbling Cauldron Award:

The virtual president

A couple of months ago in this column, I wrote about Bill Whittle:

For insightful political commentary, the ascendancy of Bill Whittle who hosts a weekly video commentary titled “Afterburner” for PJTV.com, is remarkable to witness. He is among, if not the best.

Increasingly sought by top conservative organizations to speak at their events, Whittle, a pilot, author, screenwriter, editor and director, points out in logical, rapid-fire bursts, the absurdities and fallacies of our political system and social problems. His video commentary about the Trayvon/Zimmerman case titled “The Lynching” attracted close to two million views, and his “Virtual President” vids are among his most popular. Watch this soft-spoken pilot kick in the “afterburners” and punch through the firewall. He’s going places.

Whittle has now launched a new site: BillWhittle.com. His “Virtual President” presentations are superb. Content is free, but Whittle is trying to accomplish a larger objective: Moving The Needle. Might be a good idea to help him, don’t you think?


Twitterers had some fun over the weekend with the hashtag #HillaryCampaignSlogans. One tweeter’s submission: “I’ll protect America … like I did Benghazi.”


What difference does it make?

Look, It’s Either Me or the Idiot – Hillary 2016

It’s MY turn, Dammit!

Just trying to get something out of this marriage.

And the beat goes on.

Remember Sonny and Cher? “Who?” you might ask. Well, he’s long gone, but she’s still kicking – usually in black fishnet stockings, singing in her trademark monotone about gypsies, tramps and thieves, while keeping cosmetic surgeons wealthy. Cher’s got those drums pounding rhythm to the brain, with manicured talons flying across her keyboard. This sequined and feathered doyenne of Vegas, baby, let fly a multi-tweet, nearly incoherent rage-filled rant excoriating Sen. Ted Cruz and the “Tea-bag members of Congress” who, according to this leather and lace exhibitionist, “need a good whipping,” and blamed the “impending collapse of the U.S. dollar” on who else? “The tea-baggers.” As one Facebook observer noted:

“If you wonder, in idle time, how a country like Russia or China or especially Germany (a modern nation, advanced in science and philosophy and art), can fall under the boot of a ruthless dictator and be filled with concentration camps and pockmarked with mass graves and populated with addled, shuffling, sick and miserable people … just remember how many of society’s ‘leaders,’ the elite, the rich and famous, can be depended on to be, in the end, utterly depraved and inhuman. And be completely convinced they are morally BETTER than us.

“When the camps are populated, she will be on TV saying we’re only getting what we deserve.”

Ah, yes, Cher. “And the beat goes on, the beat goes on. Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain. La de da de de, la de da de da…”

Sonny & Cher – Beat Goes On Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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