this morning’s column covers ALL the questions I’ve asked myself many times over.

Why can’t the conservative movement get out of its own way? The establishment types are fearing for their “gravy train” being derailed by the tea party energy. The “go along to get along” crowd are pot shooting the Cruzes and Lees who are standing strong in their positions. They can’t see beyond their noses!

The answer? Who knows – maybe starting “The American Party” and setting out a set of conservative principles that most Americans regardless of party want to see happen might be the way to go! There has to be some way to remind our citizens of the purpose of America, its constitutional basis, its religion-based creation and its former free-market successes.

The media ares so tied up in protecting “O” that they’re not even considering the consequences of their actions. They just blindly follow the directives handed to them on a daily basis with no regard for truthful journalism. Once in a while you see someone in the press corp ask a slightly pointed question, and the “O” representative quickly exits stage left from such inquiries!

Joseph, you’ve hit the nail on the head yet again. I hope somebody is listening! It would be so great if WND were to mysteriously arrived on every American’s inbox and they all just read the stories you send out each day. They might rise up and ask what’s going on and why.


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