Oddly enough, early Americans thought it worth risking everything they had, even their “lives, liberty and sacred honor,” to deny government the right to riffle through their personal papers, their home or possessions, or to interrogate them without already having evidence that they had been involved in committing a crime.

In today’s America, however, government at all levels seems less concerned with physical crime, such as gang murders in our major cities, black-on-white violence on the public transportation they want us all to ride, strong-arm robberies and illegal border crossings.

No, what worries government in America today is thought crime. Do you harbor dangerous or terroristic views against government servants as they break down your door, invade your house or yard, shoot your dog and take your children into protective state custody because you told school officials homosexuality is evil? Oh, it was the wrong address? Well, sā€“- happens; get over it.

Did you once joke about how TSA screeners could be replaced by life-size wooden Indians, while you lit up your Camel, standing in line to board your next flight? It was probably your last. You’re now guilty of thought crimes against the government.

Today’s civil servants have no discretion because they have no judgment. (You can take that right back to the hysterical folks running K-12 public indoctrination today. “You gave him an aspirin! You’re deported, kid! No, you can’t call your parents!”) Zero tolerance is just a smokescreen for zero judgment among the ever-growing bureaucratic elite.

Once you are guilty of thought crimes, of course, you must be monitored for terrorist tendencies. What are terrorist tendencies? Oh, being the wrong religion (Christian). Harboring suspicions that homosexuals may not be better than heterosexuals. Statements made to friends or neighbors about blocking the EPA’s police from inspecting your private property for evidence of non-compliance with their latest additions to Moses’ stone tablets. With so many government agencies, who is to know?

And heaven forbid that a friend of your friend of his friend’s college-age kid should post an anti-Islamic message on the Internet. You are now in his “terrorist circle” and can be monitored 24/7 by No Such Agency (NSA). All of your recorded cellphone calls from the previous years can be listened to by Justice Department attorneys. Your emails will be scrutinized. Your GPS travel records from the phone company will be used to map your whereabouts and to try to place you in the vicinity of another “terrorist” target in the circle.

Bingo! Pay dirt! They both made a call from the same city block on the same day. Write up an indictment. Get a search warrant from the court. Seize his computer and telephone records. Get a warrant for Google and Facebook. It will all be there. Destroy his house while you search it. Shoot his dog and cat on the way out. And dump the goldfish down the toilet: We don’t want any witnesses. See what we found, your honor? Lucky you gave us that search warrant. We recommend no bail. Who knows what might have happened?

You have the right to remain silent, because we don’t need your testimony to hang you anymore. We have everything you ever said, did, or thought while you typed on that computer screen, archived forever. You had better show proper respect to us, pal. And a plea bargain would be in your best interest.

Keep in mind: The freedom once known in America was an age in which government was much smaller and constrained by its taxing authority, which limited it to taxing imported goods. It couldn’t tax incomes or spend endless trillions in funny-money bond purchases that can never be repaid.

In the beginning I said “oddly enough” because so many Americans today seem unconcerned by the National Security Agency’s espionage against its own citizens. You can tell: Big media refer to it as “snooping,” like mom going through a teenager’s underwear drawers looking for condoms or birth control pills. Everybody does it, right? No, espionage is a wartime activity.

And that’s fitting, isn’t it? The government has declared war on America. This is the tipping point, folks. NSA’s espionage against Americans is not designed to prevent terrorism, as the recent Boston Marathon bombing demonstrates. It is designed to insure that those currently in power never leave power. It will only be used against those who challenge their authority or their right to remain permanently elected and enjoy a lifestyle the old Soviet Politburo members could only dream about.

Go back to sleep, America. The nightmare of freedom and self-reliance is just about over.

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