(London Daily Mail) Emma Thompson has been away in the U.S. for two weeks, promoting her latest film Saving Mr Banks, which opens here next Friday. In it, she gives an Oscar-worthy portrayal of Mary Poppins novelist P.L. Travers, staunchly fighting off Walt Disney as he waged an all-out, 20-year battle to persuade the cantankerous writer to give him the rights to make a movie version of Poppins.

It’s a glorious tale about a woman who saw surrendering Mary Poppins as a betrayal of her complicated childhood in rural Australia.

Emma Thompson says that web porn has poisoned a generation and that she is fighting to protect girls like her daughter Gaia

But she’s back home now and, in between unpacking and returning borrowed designer clothes, she’s hard at it, trying to save her daughter from the perils of what she calls the ‘slime’ on the worldwide web.

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