I’ve seen the headlines calling “amnesty” a dead issue this legislative year and, while technically that may be true, the real goal of this administration to protect and reward illegal aliens, greasing their way to citizenship, hasn’t changed.

Like it or not, Barack Obama wants what he has called “comprehensive immigration reform” and, judging by the tactics he used to shove Obamacare down the throats of Americans, we can expect more of the same.

If he can’t get what he wants, the normal way legislation is enacted in this country, he will (and has) resorted to executive orders and just flat statements that “this will happen.”

He told the government to deport only serous criminals. He then declared that illegals won’t be deported and can get two-year work permits.

Now he’s declared that, illegal spouses can stay in the U.S. under most conditions.

The latest is that some illegal relatives of U.S. military can stay in the country and be on the fast track for citizenship.

There’s also special consideration for illegals who are parents or guardians of young children.

Remember his declaration creating the “DREAMers” – young illegals, brought to this country by undocumented parents, who grow up here and go to school here.

Obama wants them to stay and get that magic “pathway to citizenship,” ignoring their illegal status.

Consider Cristian Avila, a 23-year-old immigration activist from Phoenix who began a hunger strike last week for immigration reform.

He’s one of a number of such activists doing the same in cities across the country, hoping to make a “moral” appeal to Congress.

Despite their “morality pitch” and bolstered by the pressure put on Congress by Catholic bishops who take the same tack – there’s also the fact of how people like Cristian are in this country in the first place.

The Arizona Republic reported Nov. 15 that he was brought here illegally by his parents when he was nine years old. They used fake documents to get in, and the parents are still illegal – 14 years later.

He finished high school in 2008 and in June, qualified for Obama’s program, which allows him to work and live here without fear of deportation.

He works as an organizer for Mi Familia Vota, a program paid for by the Service International Employees Union, which works to register Latino voters.

Sounds like he’s following the Obama/Democrat script: Make ’em legal, get their vote.

Obama speechified interminably about immigration reform being a cornerstone of his administration and now, into his second term, he still hasn’t gotten it.

Despite what the administration says, and what media preach, the border is not secure and illegals continue to cross, essentially at will. The drug cartels literally control parts of the West, making certain areas unsafe for American citizens to travel. Cartels spread their poisonous products across all the states, creating social, health and crime problems that most Americans don’t even realize exist.

The issue of illegal aliens and porous borders is far more than the benign picture Democrats have painted of “nice little brown people who just want a better life and will pick lettuce to get it.”

If only it were that simple.

Immigration reform isn’t just one issue. Considering that the Senate bill that was just passed is longer than 1,300 pages, you can just imagine what’s hidden in there.

Think Obamacare and Nancy Pelosi’s infamous aside that we have to pass it to find out what’s in it.

We found out about Obama’s health-care plan that way, and look at the horrendous mess that’s exploded into. Let’s not do it again with immigration.

A wise man might also hope that we won’t redo our immigration laws to make it easier for foreigners to work in this country at a time when our own citizens suffer from historic un- and under-employment.

House Speaker John Boehner declared last week that the House will not take up the Senate bill this session and some high-profile Republicans are changing their minds about the issue. Notably, Sens. Marco Rubio and John McCain have backed off.

Immigration activists in the Fair Immigration Reform Movement tried to shame Boehner into changing his mind by sending two teenage illegals, armed with a video camera, to his favorite breakfast spot, quizzing him as to why he won’t promote the Senate bill.

The ploy didn’t work.

Amnesty may be off the agenda for this year, but it remains on the Democrat agenda for Obama, who wants it done on his watch.

But, the real danger isn’t from the feds; it’s what’s going on in the states, notably California.

On one day in October, Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown signed eight bills aimed at helping illegals onto that magic “pathway.”

Among them, approval for illegals to get licenses to drive and to practice law. Under the “Trust Act,” illegals charged or convicted of minor crimes would be protected from immigration authorities. It’s estimated that this will prevent the detention of nearly 20,000 illegals a year.

Illegals are permitted to work at polling places, and it’s easier for them to get identification cards. They also get across-the-board social service, medical and educational support.

Brown told the Los Angeles Times, “While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead. I’m not waiting.” He’s hoping the feds will use California as an example for national reform.

Take a moment to digest all that and then consider that it costs this country an estimated $338.3 billion a year to support illegals.

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