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Another major Obamacare failure

WASHINGTON — A pair of senators have dug up another report of an Obamacare failure so dismal it is hard to believe.

Among four major insurance companies, a total of only five people have enrolled in the president’s health plan in Washington, D.C.

While the Obama administration has so far refused to provide enrollment numbers to the American people, Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, obtained the Washington, D.C., enrollment numbers from the four companies participating in the district’s health care exchange.

They show:

“With numbers like these, it’s no wonder the Obama Administration hasn’t wanted to release how many people have signed up for ObamaCare,” said Hatch.

“Whether it’s significant problems with the website, people being forced off the coverage they had or skyrocketing costs, these numbers are even more proof of what a disaster ObamaCare is and why it should be delayed.”

Grassley said many Americans are getting cancellation notices from their current health care provider but they haven’t been able to enroll in a new plan.

“The limbo and uncertainty are stressful for them, as they’ve been describing in emails to my office,” he said. “The chaos imposed on so many people is reason to at least delay the individual mandate, if not outright repeal it.”

The revelation follows a series of similarly shocking reports of low enrollment figures across the country.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, said only three people in her state had been able to enroll, as of Monday.

Delaware reported only four people had enrolled in Obamacare as of Tuesday, even though the state used a $4 million grant to hire four community organizations to provide marketplace guides. That worked out to $1 million spent on each enrollee.

The worst numbers from any state to report is actually just a single number, as in the number one. Just one person has reportedly enrolled in Obamacare in North Carolina. And even that person is technically still not enrolled, having yet to pay. So, the Tar Heel state actually had zero people enrolled in Obamacare as of Oct. 15.

And there was the flabbergasting news that on the first day the Obamacare website went online, only six people in the entire country were able to successfully enroll.

The administration has promised to release national Obamcare enrollment figures for the month of October next week.

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