Super-extended standing ovations aren’t just for Ted Cruz anymore.

In fact, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah received a 10-minute ovation Saturday in South Jordan, Utah, besting the Texan senator’s now-famous cheers by two minutes.

Reuters noted that Cruz, a Republican favorite of the tea party, received an eight-minute ovation before a crowd of 750 people in San Antonio on Oct. 19.

The folks of Utah wanted to do their senator one better. The Salt Lake Tribune reports organizers planned to give Lee a 10-minute standing ovation to best the eight-minute mark Cruz supporters achieved in Texas.

Lee and Cruz both have been under heavy fire recently – not just from Democrats, but members of his own party – for leading the fight against Obamacare that forced a 16-day partial government shutdown.

“I’ve read polls that said some people in Utah don’t like Mike Lee,” organizer Amelia Powers told the crowd gathered at Riverfront West Park in South Jordan. “But I’m lucky to be from a place that has a senator like Mike Lee. He has represented Utah well.”

The crowd of hundreds responded with chants of “We like Mike!”

Numerous speakers at the rally praised Lee for having the “courage” to stand up to the old-guard in Washington, D.C., and for “protecting the U.S. Constitution.”

That kind of courage is what brought Dave Christensen, a Vietnam veteran from Taylorsville, Utah, to the rally.

“He stands up for the Constitution and doesn’t compromise his core values,” Christensen told the Tribune. “He doesn’t give in to the corruption that is Washington, D.C.”

“He’s standing up for what is right,” Mike Brown of Bountiful told the crowd. “He’s doing what he promised to do. Unfortunately when party and popularity are more important than principles, society suffers.”

During the applause, Lee reportedly thanked his supporters saying, “It’s great to be back in America!” and, “I think they can hear us in Washington!”

At the 10-minute mark Lee said, “I just heard from Ted Cruz in Texas, and he says, ‘Utah wins.'”

Video of the Cruz ovation can be seen below as well:

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